Oct 30, 2023

Bioenergy in New England: A New Report 

CLF’s recently published study finds that bioenergy can play a limited role in industries that are near-impossible to electrify – but clean energy like solar, wind, and heat pumps must largely pave the path forward.

New Hampshire's Energy Strategy calls for more natural gas – which is the last thing we need.
Jan 15, 2021

Governor Baker Rejects Climate and Justice Legislation

Massachusetts legislators overwhelmingly passed critical climate and justice legislation. But Governor Baker vetoed the bill – choosing not only to ignore sound science, but also to let decades of racist policy targeting low-income, Black, and Brown communities go unchallenged.

The Massachusetts State House
Oct 30, 2019

We Can’t Let Offshore Wind Stall Out in New England

Offshore wind is a crucial element of New England’s clean energy future, and Massachusetts has been betting big on this new industry. So despite the Trump administration’s delay of a promising project, Massachusetts is still moving forward with this critical source of local clean energy.

offshore wind farm
Aug 19, 2019

Pet Deaths Underscore Need for Urgent Action on Toxic Algae

In the last couple of weeks, the news has reported tragic stories of healthy dogs dying shortly after swimming in toxic algae-choked waters. These stories highlight the dangers of the algae pollution problem here in Massachusetts, where dog owners have been warned to keep their pets out of waters across the state. This is one of many reasons why CLF is fighting so hard to clean up our waters.

Charles River