Mar 11, 2020

Will New Hampshire Be A Dumping Ground for the Region? (Not If We Can Stop It)

We all know the trash we throw away is a disaster for our environment and communities. From landfills growing into mountains of waste to incinerators spewing toxic pollutants to the pollution of our water and air (including climate-damaging emissions) – the impacts of waste disposal are not only disturbing, but they’re also avoidable. For decades… Continue reading Will New Hampshire Be A Dumping Ground for the Region? (Not If We Can Stop It)

2018 Press Conference to stop Bethlehem Landfill expansion
Jan 09, 2020

Stricter Lead Standards Needed to Protect New Hampshire Children

It’s a troubling reality that in many schools and childcare facilities – places where we send our kids to learn and be safe – our children can be exposed to lead in their drinking water. And it’s especially troubling that in New Hampshire, like most states, we don’t have health-based standards to protect our kids from that harmful lead exposure. This legislative session, we’ll be working to correct that problem.

Dec 05, 2019

Tapping into Community to Prevent Lead Poisoning

Teams from seven New Hampshire communities – Concord, Claremont, Franklin, Manchester, Nashua, Rochester, and Somersworth – have come together as a Community of Action to identify local needs and actions to better protect children from lead poisoning.

Jun 10, 2019

The Seacoast Reliability Project Threatens Public Waters for Private Gain

The Great Bay estuary is special. It’s where we love to kayak, where our local oysters come from, where we can hike and see ospreys fishing and eagles soaring. To protect the estuary, CLF and several communities have been making progress on the most significant direct sources of water pollution – sewage treatment plants. But now that progress could be undermined. Eversource Energy wants to build a new transmission line through the estuary, plowing through Little Bay and putting the health of the estuary at risk. We’re concerned – as are countless Seacoast residents – and are fighting to ensure the estuary’s health.

Little Bay
Apr 10, 2019

Tackling the High Cost of Dirty Energy in New Hampshire

Coal plants pollute our air and waterways, and one of the last remaining coal plants in New England – Merrimack Station in Bow, New Hampshire – is doing just that. That’s why CLF and Sierra Club have joined together to sue the plant in federal court, to end its ongoing harm to the Merrimack River.

Merrimack Station in Bow, New Hampshire
Oct 24, 2018

Protecting Our Kids from Lead in Drinking Water

Schools and childcare centers – places where children spend so much time – can have unsafe levels of lead in their water, putting our kids’ health at risk. To ensure safe water, it’s time for parents and teachers to demand that schools test their water for lead and take measures necessary to protect the health of schoolchildren.