Jul 27, 2023

Mass. Utilities Charging Customers for Storm Cleanup

“Allowing these companies to keep charging customers for storm cleanup over and over is an outrage,” said Johannes Epke, CLF. “It should be up to the utilities to make their infrastructure resilient to the frequent, climate-driven storms we’re seeing more and more. It’s time to change state rules that allow these companies to pass the bill on to Massachusetts families and businesses and hold utilities responsible instead.”

A downed power line in a road after a storm
Jul 06, 2023

What Is Climate Justice?

Climate justice is about recognizing that climate impacts, such as extended heat waves, stronger winds, and intense rainstorms, disproportionately affect marginalized communities. It calls for urgent action to prevent further harm and ensure equitable access to clean energy solutions, prioritizing historically marginalized communities for a sustainable and fair future.

Group of multiracial activists call out for climate justice while holding signs and a megaphone. In the background, a sandy beach and the ocean.