Jul 09, 2016

Massachusetts AG Healey Is Right To Take On Exxon

… Just as the City of Boston issued yet another report about the city’s vulnerability to potentially devastating climate change impacts from fossil fuel use, ExxonMobil and its surrogates are attacking anyone with the temerity to scrutinize the oil giant’s climate deceit. Read more of the editorial co-authored by CLF President Bradley Campbell here…

May 17, 2016

Massachusetts Environmental Advocacy Group Sues ExxonMobil

… A Massachusetts environmental advocacy group is suing ExxonMobil for what it calls “a decades-long campaign to discredit climate change.” Conservation Law Foundation President Brad Campbell said Tuesday the company’s strategy of publicly denying the risks that its own scientists have known about for decades has harmed local communities, including neighborhoods near its Everett facility. Read… Continue reading Massachusetts Environmental Advocacy Group Sues ExxonMobil

May 17, 2016

Local Environmentalists Vs. ExxonMobil

… Environmentalists take on ExxonMobil in Massachusetts, beginning litigation charging the petroleum giant with intentionally hiding what they’ve known about the science of climate change for years and years. Conservation Law Foundation President Bradley Campbell (@bradleycampbell) and Mystic River Watershed Association President EK Khalsa are fighting to prove ExxonMobil has knowingly operated their Everett, MA facility in a manner which contradicts safe and proper environmental practices,… Continue reading Local Environmentalists Vs. ExxonMobil

May 17, 2016

Conservation Law Foundation plans lawsuit against Exxon Mobil over Everett terminal

… The Conservation Law Foundation is preparing a lawsuit against Exxon Mobil Corp., one of the world’s largest companies, because of pollutants that the environmental group claims are leaking out of the company’s Everett terminal. The Boston-based organization took the legal step of serving notice on the Texas-based energy giant Tuesday that it will sue… Continue reading Conservation Law Foundation plans lawsuit against Exxon Mobil over Everett terminal