Dec 06, 2023

Exxon settles suit with Conservation Law Foundation over Everett site

The 100-acre ExxonMobil tank farm in Everett will not be allowed to store fuel anymore as a result of a settlement agreement between the company and the Conservation Law Foundation. “This is a facility where ExxonMobil, which has known through work by its own scientists about the risks of extreme weather to their facilities, has done nothing to prepare for extreme storms,” said foundation President Brad Campbell.

Dec 05, 2023

CLF Settles Landmark Climate Lawsuit Against Exxon

“We welcome ExxonMobil’s decision to resolve this litigation, make the facility closure permanent, and market the site for cleaner and safer uses,” said CLF President Brad Campbell. In settling the case, CLF has obtained an enforceable prohibition on the property ever being used for polluting bulk fossil fuel storage. 

An aerial view of Exxon's tank farm in Everett, MA showing white fuel storage tanks near the waters of Boston Harbor
Sep 08, 2022

Watch: Big Oil’s Climate Denial Puts Our Communities at Risk

Darrèll Brown, vice president of CLF’s Rhode Island Advocacy Center, talks about the organization’s work to hold Big Oil accountable for failing to prepare its coastal facilities for the climate impacts its polluting products have caused.

Oil Storage Facility
Jun 03, 2022

Amid Pressure from CLF, Exxon Agrees to Sell Everett Tank Farm

“Exxon giving up on the Everett site is a major win,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “But this sale will not allow the company to escape responsibility for its toxic legacy of contamination and the ongoing pollution that will continue while the sale is pending. Our case continues and we will not allow the company to skip town and leave the community at risk.”

An aerial view of Exxon's tank farm in Everett, MA showing white fuel storage tanks near the waters of Boston Harbor
May 09, 2022

Big Oil on Trial

CLF is taking the oil giants to court in partnership with residents from the Everett, Providence, New Haven, and Quincy communities they’re harming. These lawsuits are the first of their kind, suing Big Oil companies for climate risks and pollution under the Clean Water Act and hazardous waste law.

Allens Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island
Apr 04, 2022

Conservation Matters: Spring 2022

Despite the clear and present dangers their oil storage facilities pose, including to communities here in New England, Big Oil has failed to invest in measures to safeguard them from sea level rise and increasingly powerful and frequent storms – climate harms their polluting products have caused. Indeed, they haven’t even taken the required steps… Continue reading Conservation Matters: Spring 2022

CLF Conservation Matters Spring 2022
Dec 22, 2021

Judge Denies ExxonMobil’s Attempts to Delay Climate Lawsuit

“Judge Wolf saw right through Exxon’s attempts to further delay this case,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “The longer this case goes on, the greater chance of a major storm exposing just how vulnerable this facility is, which would be catastrophic for surrounding neighborhoods and for Boston Harbor. This was yet another desperate attempt by Exxon to hide what it knows about the climate crisis.”