Dec 19, 2022

Conservation Matters

Clean water is a fundamental human right, and we at CLF are dedicated to defending it.

Conservation Matters Fall Winter 2022
Jul 07, 2021

How Do You Heal an Estuary? A New Project Will Help Us Find Out

We just launched a pilot project to see if eelgrass harvested in one area can be transplanted successfully in another. What we learn will help us understand if we can jumpstart the recovery of the ecosystem that depends on this underwater plant.

Eelgrass restoration on the Great Bay-Piscataqua Estuary
Mar 31, 2021

Seacoast Cities Settle With Nonprofit To Move Forward On Great Bay Restoration

“This has been a long and contentious road to reduce nitrogen pollution in the estuary,” Paly said. “After many, many years, it’s really gratifying to see municipalities coming together, working more collaboratively with CLF and other stakeholders to start down a new path, and hopefully the estuary will be the better for it.”

Mar 26, 2021

Great Bay deal: Dover, Portsmouth, Rochester agree to share EPA permit costs

“Nitrogen pollution is a scourge on our Great Bay estuary, including the many bays and rivers that are part of it,” Melissa Paly, Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper at CLF, wrote in a separate statement. “This agreement gives the communities surrounding Great Bay flexibility in how they will reduce this harmful pollution, but also accountability to ensure real progress.”