Lead Poisoning

To Protect Kids, Lead Poisoning Prevention is Key
by Tom Irwin

When it comes to childhood lead poisoning, it’s no surprise that prevention is essential. Because even low levels of lead exposure can cause permanent, irreversible harm – effectively robbing kids of their full potential – the best thing we can do is protect our kids from being exposed to lead in the first place. The…

Help Spread the Word about Preventing Childhood Lead Poisoning
by Tom Irwin

It’s National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, so here at CLF we’re getting the word out about the hazards of lead and ways we can protect our children – and we hope you’ll join us. Every year across New England, more than 12,000 kids are diagnosed with lead poisoning (that’s 12,000+ new kids each year). It’s…

Press Releases
New Study Highlights Public Health Risks Facing New Bedford

“When a single community has two public schools, and over 500 other sites, that are known to contain hazardous toxics, there can be no doubt that aggressive action must be taken to protect public health and safety,” said Veronica Eady, CLF Vice President and Massachusetts Director. “That’s the situation facing New Bedford, where abundant pollution and a sluggish economy continue to fuel one another. This vicious cycle is particularly troubling for low-income residents and people of color, whose neighborhoods have been disproportionately plagued by these serious public health issues.”

New Hampshire

Clean Air, Clean Water, and Healthy Communities for the People of New Hampshire With its weathered White Mountains, stunning lakes, rivers, and coast, historic villages and thriving urban centers, New Hampshire offers an unparalleled quality of life – and it’s a place we’re proud to call home. Our Solutions For decades, CLF has fought for…

Focus Areas
People & Communities

Together, we can support thriving and healthy communities for people across New England. What does it take for a community to thrive? It starts with clean air and clean water and access to good jobs, education, and health care. It also takes safe and affordable transportation choices, local green spaces, and easy access to fresh, healthy…