Conservation Matters Summer 2020: Year in Review

CLF works with one foot in the future, pushing New England to make the necessary choices now to ensure we reach net zero emissions by 2050. And we work with the other foot firmly in the present, recognizing that the global pandemic and the fight for long-overdue racial and economic justice spurs on our imperative to succeed in tackling pollution, tainted water, and other critical issues today.

In this Year in Review, you’ll find stories of people living and working on the front lines of these challenges:

  • Ania Wright, a young activist pushing for climate justice;
  • Paula Peters, whose local waters have been choked by nitrogen pollution;
  • Jackie Mercurio, who is carrying on her mother’s fight against a toxic waste incinerator; and
  • Michele Cubelli Harris, who found a new home with help from our Healthy Neighborhoods Equity Fund.

We do our work for them and with them. For you and with you. Together, we are driving forward a future that is equitable and healthy for all and confronting the most urgent threats in the here and now. We are grateful to have you by our side.