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Clean Air, Clean Water, and Healthy Communities for the People of New Hampshire With its weathered White Mountains, stunning lakes, rivers, and coast, historic villages and thriving urban centers, New Hampshire offers an unparalleled quality of life – and it’s a place we’re proud to call home. Our Solutions For decades, CLF has fought for…

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Together, we can support thriving and healthy communities for people across New England. What does it take for a community to thrive? It starts with clean air and clean water and access to good jobs, education, and health care. It also takes safe and affordable transportation choices, local green spaces, and easy access to fresh, healthy…

Childhood Lead Poisoning Bill Signed into Law
by Tom Irwin

On July 13, Governor Maggie Hassan signed a new law to better protect New Hampshire kids from the tragic and avoidable problem of lead poisoning. Passage of this important legislation is the culmination of a strong bipartisan effort, as well as the hard work of a broad group of stakeholders, including CLF. In New Hampshire…

Conservation Matters Summer 2015

Defending the Charles: Closing the Clean Water Gap and Making All Polluters Pay… Progress Report: Childhood Lead Poisoning in New Hampshire… Why I Give: CLF Massachusetts’ Board Member Chi Ho Sham… Five Questions For: Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse

Conservation Matters Articles
Childhood Lead Poisoning
by Laurie O'Reilly

Lead was removed from our gasoline and paint decades ago. But the problem of lead poisoning in children has not gone away. Many New England houses and apartment buildings were built before the 1978 lead-paint ban – as that paint deteriorates or is disturbed, children’s health is put at risk.

Lead Law Moving Forward in New Hampshire Legislature
by Tom Irwin

While many of us believe childhood lead poisoning is a thing of the past, the sad truth is that it’s not. In fact, every year, more than 1,000 New Hampshire children are poisoned by lead, with deteriorating lead-based paints the primary cause. The impacts of lead poisoning can be devastating and lifelong. Children can suffer…

A Firsthand Account of the Ravages of Lead Poisoning
by Tom Irwin

On February 17, New Hampshire’s Senate Health & Human Services Committee held a public hearing on SB 135, a bill designed to better protect New Hampshire kids from the continuing threat of lead poisoning. The Committee heard strong support for SB 135 from a broad range of interests. Joan Valk, a Family Support Specialist at…

Childhood Lead Poisoning: A Preventable Disease
by Tom Irwin

In my last blog – the second in a series about childhood lead poisoning – I discussed the fact that not nearly enough kids in New Hampshire are being tested for lead in their blood. As discussed, screening is essential for determining if a child has been poisoned and, if he or she has been, for…