Apr 21, 2019

The Counselor: Legal Food Hub helps farmers and food entrepreneurs navigate legal issues

“We’re committed because we see that farmers and food entrepreneurs play a critical role in our community, so by supporting them we’re able to promote a sustainable and just food system,” Turner said. “For CLF, that’s really important because that means it helps create a healthy climate and a healthy environment, but also a strong economy in Maine.”

Mar 11, 2019

Legal Food Hub

CLF connects food producers with pro bono legal services.

Legal Services for Farmers
Apr 25, 2017

Innovative Solutions for Maine Farmers

As Maine’s agriculture and food sector expands, farmers and small business owners are facing practical challenges, including lack of access to capital and legal services.  We’ll look at new creative solutions designed to help this sector grow and remain sustainable for years to come. Guests: Sam May, Co-Founder, Maine Harvest Credit Project Amanda Beal, President and… Continue reading Innovative Solutions for Maine Farmers

Jan 28, 2016


Massachusetts is a state of extraordinary range – from our miles of coastline to the western mountains, our dense hardwood forests to our working farms, our thickly settled city neighborhoods to our rural village greens.

Massachusetts conservation
Jan 26, 2016

People & Justice

What does it take for a community to thrive? It starts with clean air and clean water and access to good jobs, education, and health care. It also takes safe and affordable transportation choices, local green spaces, and easy access to fresh, healthy food.

People and Healthy Communities
Apr 05, 2015

A Leg Up for Local Food

Launched last year, CLF’s Legal Services Food Hub matches farmers, food entrepreneurs, and community organizations with free legal assistance. “Many farmers and food entrepreneurs struggle to overcome the high legal fees associated with running a food-based business,” says CLF Legal Fellow Elena Mihaly, who coordinated the Hub.