Feb 16, 2024

Critically endangered whale dies due to inaction of Biden administration

“She was found 20 miles off the coast, and we’ll probably never know exactly where she was hit,” said Erica Fuller, Senior Counsel at Conservation Law Foundation. “But what we do know, is that the seasonal speed zones need to be bigger and the regulated boats need to be smaller than the current rule. These deaths are tragic and preventable; it’s past time for regulators to move forward with the protections that these critically endangered whales need to survive.” 

A right whale swimming off the coast of New England
Feb 14, 2024

Maine Fishing Gear Found on Dead Right Whale

“Entanglements are a constant threat to right whales, cutting their lives short and painting a disheartening future for this species,” said Erica Fuller, CLF Senior Counsel. “There have been concerns about the threat Maine fishing gear poses to right whales for years. It’s time to move forward with new fishing practices to give these endangered whales a chance at survival.” 

Feb 13, 2024

Protections for North Atlantic Right Whales Overdue

“The saddest aspect of the last several years is the avoidable deaths of calves that didn’t even make it to their first birthday,” said Erica Fuller, senior counsel at Conservation Law Foundation. “Good intentions will not save right whales; a strong vessel speed rule will save right whales. The government needs to act with the urgency that the situation demands.”

Right whale "Nauset" and calf
Jan 10, 2024

North Atlantic Right Whale Calf Likely to Die from Vessel Strike Injuries

“There are so few right whales left that every death brings this species closer to extinction,” said CLF Senior Attorney Erica Fuller. “This calf isn’t even two months old and yet it’s not expected to live because the federal government has delayed meaningful action for more than a decade. NOAA must publish its final rule immediately and protect this majestic species before it disappears from our oceans forever.” 

A right whale adult and calf are seen swimming next to each other
Sep 28, 2023

Emergency Right Whale Petition Seeks Overdue Protections From Vessel Strikes

“Just seven months ago, another right whale was killed off Virginia Beach, yet nothing has changed on the water,” said Erica Fuller, senior attorney at Conservation Law Foundation. “NOAA Fisheries has proposed a strong rule and their Office of Law Enforcement has made clear they’ll do everything they can to enforce it. Unfortunately, special interest groups in Congress have created a campaign of misinformation that now threatens to derail and delay protections. These are unnecessary deaths — we urge the agency to take action now.”

A right whale swimming off the coast of New England
Jul 07, 2023

Special Interests Aim to Sink Regulations Protecting Endangered Right Whales

North Atlantic right whales are on the verge of extinction – and we humans remain the biggest threat to their survival. Scientists are clear: We can’t afford to lose even one whale a year due to human causes if this critically endangered species is to recover. Collisions with boats and ships are one of those… Continue reading Special Interests Aim to Sink Regulations Protecting Endangered Right Whales

‘Infinity’ and calf were sighted 16.5 nautical miles off Amelia Island, FL on January 17, 2021. Catalog #3230 is 19 years old and this is her 1st calf.