Mar 07, 2018

Massachusetts Regulators Turn to New Project to Deliver Clean Energy

Eversource’s controversial Northern Pass transmission line is inching closer to its apparent demise after the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee voted during public deliberations last month to deny it a permit to build. Now, a new project, New England Clean Energy Connect (NECEC), has emerged as its likely successor to win a lucrative contract to… Continue reading Massachusetts Regulators Turn to New Project to Deliver Clean Energy

Robin Jacobs / CC by 2.0
Mar 01, 2018

Northern Pass Fights Permit Rejection

“Northern Pass’s motion is an act of desperation,” said Tom Irwin, Vice President and Director of CLF New Hampshire. “After months of hearings, the committee recognized that Northern Pass would be bad for our state, harming the many communities in its path. New Hampshire has rejected this harmful project, and it should stay firmly off of the table.”

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Feb 16, 2018

Massachusetts Opens State Clean Energy Contract

“Moving forward with New England Clean Energy Connect is good news for both Massachusetts and New Hampshire,” said Brad Campbell, President of CLF. “The steps laid out by the Department of Energy Resources will establish, on the record, that the destructive, unpopular, and excessively expensive Northern Pass project is not feasible – and the concurrent negotiation with Avangrid will keep the process moving toward a better option.”

Feb 02, 2018

New Hampshire Deals Potentially Fatal Blow to Northern Pass

The saga of Eversources’s Northern Pass transmission project took another dramatic turn this week when the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee – a major and necessary hurdle for the project – voted unanimously to reject the proposal. Barely a week before this decision by New Hampshire regulators, the contentious project had been selected as the sole… Continue reading New Hampshire Deals Potentially Fatal Blow to Northern Pass

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Feb 01, 2018

Northern Pass Denied Permit by Unanimous Decision

“Northern Pass has bullied its way through this process, and today’s decision says loud and clear that the people of New Hampshire won’t stand for it,” said CLF attorney Melissa Birchard. “The committee served us well. It heard the overwhelming opposition of towns and communities, and it rejected Northern Pass’s false claims that New Hampshire’s properties, tourism industry, and treasured resources would be unmarred by this proposal. The Baker administration now has the opportunity to get this selection right by immediately choosing the best and most qualified project to put the state’s critical clean energy purchase back on track.”

Jan 27, 2018

False Claims and Desperate Measures Mark Latest Chapter with Northern Pass

Eversource is trying to silence CLF’s opposition to its controversial Northern Pass project. We think they should instead spend their energies responding to the Granite Staters’ concerns about the harmful impacts the proposed massive transmission line will have on their communities and landscapes.

Jan 25, 2018

Northern Pass Selection Shows Utter Disregard for Public Outcry

“Choosing Northern Pass reflects a process corrupted by the heavy hand of our region’s largest utility,” said Greg Cunningham, Director of CLF’s Clean Energy and Climate Change program. “This decision is a slap in the face to dozens of affected communities and thousands of local residents who have been outspoken in opposing this harmful proposal. Northern Pass’s developers have shown total disregard for the permanent and severe impacts this project would have on communities and the environment. To sell their project, they have peddled mistruths to the public and to the selection committee. It is not the solution Massachusetts wants or needs, and CLF will continue to oppose it.”

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Dec 12, 2017

Northern Pass Tries (and Fails) to Remain Relevant in Changing Energy Landscape

The Northern Pass transmission project proposes to bring electricity generated from Canadian dams to southern New England. But it will come at a tremendous cost to New Hampshire through the damage it would do to the environment and communities along its 192-mile path. Granite Staters have opposed the project since it was first rolled out… Continue reading Northern Pass Tries (and Fails) to Remain Relevant in Changing Energy Landscape

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Nov 16, 2017

Federal Permit for Northern Pass an Affront to New Hampshire Interests

“The people of New Hampshire have been loud and clear that we do not want this project slicing through our state, yet the federal government has turned a deaf ear,” said CLF New Hampshire Director Tom Irwin. “Northern Pass is an empty promise when it comes to its claims of clean, ‘green’ power, and it only threatens to harm the communities and natural places it seeks to run through. From the beginning, the federal review process has had the feel of a rubber-stamp exercise in bureaucracy, failing to address key problems with the project. Regardless of the president’s approval, we will continue standing alongside the people of New Hampshire to fight this ill-conceived proposal.”