Dec 11, 2023

CLF Appeals Decision in Tailpipe Pollution Lawsuit

“Every year, vehicle emissions are linked to thousands of deaths in the northeast,” said Heather Govern, Director of CLF’s Clean Air and Water program. “Large bus companies must be held accountable for ignoring idling laws designed to limit toxic emissions and protect public health. CLF filed this appeal to continue the fight for cleaner air in our communities.”

An exhaust pipe is shown spewing out black smoke
Nov 30, 2023

CLF Prevails Again Over Dirty Biomass Plant

“It is unconscionable that anyone would build such a dirty power plant right across the street from a residential neighborhood,” said CLF attorney Johannes Epke. “Inefficient biomass plants like the one proposed here don’t make sense anywhere in 2023, and especially not in a community in Springfield already overburdened by air pollution. Burning wood for electricity worsens asthma and other respiratory conditions and sets us back in reaching mandatory climate goals, and the court made the right decision.”

Community members holding a banner reading "Welcome to Springfield the Asthma Capital of the USA" to oppose a proposed biomass plant.