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Big Oil on Trial

CLF is taking the oil giants to court in partnership with residents from the Everett, Providence, New Haven, and Quincy communities they’re harming. These lawsuits are the first of their kind, suing Big Oil companies for climate risks and pollution under the Clean Water Act and hazardous waste law.

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CLF Sues Mass. Water Resources Authority

“MWRA plays a vital role in keeping our local waters clean and safe, but we’ve uncovered significant problems in how it responds to unsafe levels of pollution,” said Heather Govern, Vice President of Clean Air and Water at CLF. “When the agency doesn’t do its job, sewage loaded with toxic industrial pollution threatens the decades of progress we’ve made in cleaning up Boston Harbor.”

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CLF Settles Clean Air Act Lawsuit Against Paul Revere Transportation

“Idling vehicles spread toxic tailpipe pollution into some of Boston’s most vulnerable neighborhoods – communities already overburdened with harmful emissions and asthma,” said Heather Govern, Vice President of Clean Air and Water at CLF. “CLF’s settlement with Paul Revere will promote a healthier Roxbury by reducing excessive idling and by supporting urban farming and green spaces.”

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CLF Sues Nylon Corp. of America for Polluting the Merrimack River

“Communities and wildlife depend on a clean and safe Merrimack River, and Nylon is contaminating it with toxic pollutants,” said Erica Kyzmir-McKeon, CLF staff attorney. “The company is breaking the law, and it must be held accountable for these Clean Water Act violations immediately. Each day that passes means more harmful pollution is flowing into the Merrimack, and this is completely unacceptable.”

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CLF Sues First Transit for Clean Air Act Violations

“Dangerous tailpipe pollution worsens the climate crisis and threatens public health,” said CLF staff attorney Shannon Laun. “First Transit is ignoring important laws designed to curb these emissions, and it’s time they are held responsible. This company must stop poisoning the air in the communities in which they operate.”

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Environmental Groups Ask EPA to Fix Vermont’s Clean Water Enforcement Challenges

“The ongoing turf war between these two state agencies is harming water quality in Vermont,” said Elena Mihaly, Vice President of CLF Vermont. “Farmers have made great progress reducing pollution from their properties, but that progress is being hindered by this irreparable bureaucratic conflict. The Agency of Natural Resources should be solely responsible for overseeing the Clean Water Act, and we’re asking the EPA to make sure that happens.”

Dangerous Pollution Puts New England’s Iconic Rivers at Risk
by Chelsea Kendall

New England’s industrial rivers are starting to turn a new page thanks to the Clean Water Act. But more work needs to be done. The Blackstone River still suffers from industrial pollution, including lead, iron, oil, grease, and foam. The Mystic River also endures harmful levels of oil, grease, foam, and petroleum pollution, while aluminum contaminates the Merrimack River.

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Mass. Water Resources Authority Failing to Protect Water Quality

“Boston’s coastal waters are at risk of dangerous, toxic pollution,” said Heather Govern, Vice President of Clean Air and Water at CLF. “The public spent millions to clean up Boston Harbor decades ago, and sustaining that incredible progress requires MWRA get serious about doing its job properly.”

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Schnitzer Steel Sued for Polluting Rivers

“Schnitzer needs to prioritize stormwater management and end this harmful and dangerous pollution,” said Heather Govern, Vice President of Clean Air and Water at CLF. “Every day that passes without proper controls, toxic runoff contaminates waters that people depend on for drinking and recreation. It’s time this billion-dollar company complies with the law.”