Jul 22, 2024

Barnstable Wastewater Plant Continues to Pollute Cape Cod Waters 

Conservation Law Foundation on Monday refiled its Clean Water Act lawsuit against the Town of Barnstable, where the town’s sewage treatment plant is polluting waters with nitrogen, leading to toxic algae outbreaks that destroy habitats and sicken people and pets. 

Aerial view of algae mats in Warren's Cove in Marston Mills, Massachusetts. Cape Cod.
Jun 25, 2024

3 Reasons New Hampshire Needs a Bottle Bill  

Thanks to bottle bills, many New England states have increased recycling rates and now rank among the top states in the country. New Hampshire still lacks a bottle bill. Learn why that matters.

Photo of an empty plastic bottle being tossed into a plastic bag. The image is taken from inside the plastic bag, and one can see the outline of a hand tossing the bottle. Behind, a bright sunset shines through the litter.
Jun 05, 2024

Winds of Change

The Salem Harbor site where a coal-fired power plant once stood is slated to become a clean energy offshore wind port terminal in 2026, launching New England definitively into a clean energy future.

Rendering of the new Salem Wind Port in Salem, MA