Help Overturn Governor Sununu’s Clean Energy Veto

New Hampshire’s legislature can override the veto, but they need to hear from you

New Hampshire Statehouse

Legislators have an important opportunity to override Governor Sununu's veto of a key clean energy bill. Photo: Wangkun Jiu via Shutterstock

Governor Sununu recently vetoed a critical clean energy bill that will boost solar power and help control energy costs in New Hampshire. Legislators now have an important opportunity to override this veto and ensure this key bill becomes law.

You can help: Contact your legislator now and tell them to vote to override Governor Sununu’s veto.

Clean Energy Bill Will Increase Solar Power and Control Energy Costs

This spring, the legislature passed a bill to expand net metering in the state. Net metering is an energy policy that allows solar panel owners to receive credit for the extra energy their panels produce and send back to the grid. This makes it easier for consumers to go solar. Net metering can also benefit other local clean energy projects like small hydroelectricity.

The bill, HB 365, will increase the size cap on individual net metering projects from 1 megawatt to 5 megawatts. This increase will help the state ramp up our use of small clean energy facilities. This, in turn, will promote clean air, help keep our kids safe from the harmful effects of climate change, and control energy costs.

This bill enjoys widespread support because it would allow towns, school districts, and businesses to more easily control their energy costs while producing clean energy that benefits the entire state. For example, a school district that installs solar panels on its school roofs could get a credit on its utility bill for any extra solar energy that the schools share with the grid. This benefits our kids, controls costs, and lowers property taxes at the same time.

Legislators Need to Hear from You

The bill passed the legislature with strong bipartisan support. It also has the support of New Hampshire’s cities and towns, who understand that clean energy is a healthy and cost-saving investment.

Legislators are meeting soon to vote to override Governor Sununu’s veto. Please, help make sure we have the votes we need to ensure this critical bill becomes law. Contact your legislators now and ask them to vote yes for clean energy.

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