May 14, 2024

Jenna Settino

Jenna Settino is the Interim Associate Vice President of the Strategic Litigation team. She was previously a CLF Senior Fellow with the team. Prior to joining CLF, Jenna was a partner at an insurance coverage firm in Oakland, California, where she advised insurers on commercial liability claims and litigation throughout the West. Jenna received her… Continue reading Jenna Settino

Jenna Settino
Apr 11, 2024

How to Plan a Community Cleanup to Make It Count

Organizing a trash cleanup will only make a tiny dent in all the plastic we toss, but it’s still a great opportunity to care for the environment, get some steps in, and connect with friends and neighbors. They also highlight the detrimental effects that plastic has on our planet! Here’s a guide to plan yours.

Sunny beach day. A person wearing white gloves picks up empty plastic bottles from the sand and puts them inside a black plastic bag as part of a community cleanup. Cleanups like this help document the impact of plastic litter on our environment.