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Conservation Matters Summer 2020: Year in Review

In times of change and upheaval, there is also room for hope and inspiration. While we collectively have much hard work ahead of us, we also have much to commend. Our hope is that this report offers insight into the work that your support makes possible – and inspiration for what we know we can accomplish together.

Digital Communications Associate

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) is seeking a full-time Digital Communications Associate to join our Communications team in Boston, Massachusetts. The Digital Associate will manage CLF’s social media channels, email marketing production, and other digital marketing efforts that further our mission and strengthen the CLF brand. This position reports to the Director of Digital Strategy. What…

UPDATE: Continuing the Eversource East Boston Substation Fight
by Saritha Ramakrishna

East Boston residents overwhelmingly oppose a proposal to build a massive electrical substation in their neighborhood. In a case highlighting issues of language justice, many residents have been unable to participate fully in public proceedings because of inadequate translation services. CLF and our partners have filed a formal complaint to hold officials accountable.

Press Releases
States Pledge to Increase Electric Truck and Bus Usage

“Electric cars, trucks, and buses are the future,” said CLF Senior Attorney Emily Green. “Cutting transportation emissions to zero is a critical piece of confronting the climate crisis and protecting public health from toxic exhaust. This is yet another example of states leading the way while the federal government turns back the clock on environmental progress.

News Clips
Communities of color hit hardest by heat waves

Like COVID-19, severe heat waves are not an “equal opportunity” health threat. The most disinvested neighborhoods — those dominated by buildings, pavement, and parking lots — are hit the hardest. The built environment of these places absorbs and traps heat, creating a “heat island effect” that makes them dangerously hotter than other neighborhoods while worsening their air quality.

Press Releases
Transportation Advocates Call for Governor Baker to Appoint Riders to the MBTA’s FMCB

“The FMCB took on a monumental challenge and helped stabilize the T during a time of crisis,” said Staci Rubin, Senior Attorney at CLF. “Now was simply not the time to let the T board dissolve, and the legislature clearly recognized that fact. A one-year extension is a good interim step, and we look forward to working with the legislature to implement a permanent T successor board that includes riders and is empowered to create a world-class transportation system for the region.”