Boston: When Public Spaces Aren’t Really Public
by Deanna Moran

This week, the City of Boston proclaimed its dedication to working with developers to create public spaces in the midst of its new construction boom – and ensuring that those spaces are kept public and welcoming. The next day, the Intercontinental Hotel at 500 Atlantic Avenue received a notice from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental…

New England Governors, Stand Up for Paris
by Greg Cunningham

Today marks the start of the National Governors Association summer meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. Held over four days, the meeting will bring together more than 30 governors from across the country to discuss the most critical issues facing our nation. However, one of the glaring omissions from the conference’s agenda: climate change, specifically state…

Staff Attorney (Waterfront)

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) is seeking an experienced staff attorney to work in its Massachusetts Advocacy Center on waterfront access and climate resiliency. Working with a senior staff attorney, the Director of Environmental Planning, and others, the staff attorney will be responsible for identifying and implementing cutting-edge solutions to a variety of environmental problems in…

Press Releases
Groups Celebrate Major Step Forward for Massachusetts Offshore Wind Power

“No matter how you slice it, the future of Massachusetts’ energy grid, economy, and environment relies upon offshore wind. Today, the Commonwealth took a big step toward making that future a reality,” said Conservation Law Foundation Staff Attorney Megan Herzog. “Though we are disappointed that regulators did not heed our call for an earlier deadline to get turbines spinning, we are confident that wind developers can propose catalyzing projects that deliver clean energy to Massachusetts residents as quickly as possible while protecting our valuable marine and coastal resources. Conservation Law Foundation will stay engaged every step of the way to make sure Massachusetts fully seizes this opportunity for healthier air, local jobs, and climate-friendly electricity.”

Full Speed Ahead for Offshore Wind in New England
by Megan Herzog

Today marks an incredible milestone for Massachusetts, and a monumental step forward toward a clean energy economy in New England. Massachusetts’ three biggest electric companies issued a ground-breaking request for bids for offshore wind energy. Wind developers will now compete to sell Massachusetts residents at least 400 megawatts (and up to a whopping 800 megawatts)…

The Threat of Plastic Pollution
by Rebekah Weber

Last week, I gave a presentation on the pollutants that plague Lake Champlain. On one slide I focused on the negative impacts of microbeads – miniature plastic balls so tiny that they slip through wastewater treatment systems and wind up in our lakes (and rivers, streams, and ocean). Once in the water, microbeads don’t biodegrade…

Senior Staff Accountant

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) seeks an experienced, engaging, and very organized individual to serve as Senior Staff Accountant, directly reporting to the Director of Finance. The successful candidate, who will have solid prior experience in the financial field, will routinely work with the VP/CFO, and the Director of Foundations Relations and, where appropriate, act as…

Corporate Neglect in MA: The Fight For Historic Canal Restoration in Lawrence
by Rafael Mares

The corporation responsible for the upkeep of the Lawrence canals neglected its responsibility to its community neighbors by allowing the canals to fall into decay and disrepair. The company’s obligation to keep the canals in good working order is also a legal one – it’s a requirement of the federal license it received to run its hydroelectric plant in 1978. It’s time they stop violating that license.