Feb 07, 2023

Winter Sports in a Warming World

As a skiing enthusiast, New England’s snowy slopes are my winter haven. But climate change is threatening them, and so much more.

Skiers at a downhill ski area
Feb 01, 2023

The Truth About Electric Stoves  

The gas industry is trying to convince us that electric stoves are inferior to gas stoves. But we’ve got the facts that make electric stoves sizzle with potential.

Hand turning on an electric burner
Jan 30, 2023

Black Lives Matter

All of us at CLF are reeling from and sharing in the national outrage over the murders and persecution of black people perpetrated and condoned by the police and other state actors. Racial justice is at the heart of climate justice, and we fight for both.

Jan 23, 2023

Phanuelle Duchatelier

Phanuelle is an Environmental Justice Legal Fellow. Prior to joining CLF, she worked at WISE as the former Rural Advocacy Coordinator, where she advocated for and supported survivors of gender-based violence.  Phanuelle is passionate about pursuing justice for marginalized groups, particularly Caribbean and Latin American immigrants, people of color, and residents of rural regions. Phanuelle holds… Continue reading Phanuelle Duchatelier