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MassDOT Is Ignoring the Needs of 12 Million Pioneer Valley Transit Riders
by Caroline Cox

The Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) is the largest public transit service in Massachusetts outside of the MBTA. More than 12 million riders across 24 cities and towns rely on the service every year. For nearly 70 percent of those riders, the PVTA is their only source of transportation. Nearly half of its riders live…

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It’s complicated: Boston’s love-hate relationship with the MBTA

… “It’s out of love. I care deeply about public transportation. And I care deeply about the MBTA and all the regional transit authorities,” said Rafael Mares, a vice president at the Conservation Law Foundation. “The criticisms are meant not about having less of it but about more of it. … It means a lot to…

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MBTA considers earlier trips on some bus routes

… Rafael Mares, a vice president at the Conservation Law Foundation, said he worries that would inconvenience the riders who need the service most. “They could at least dull the impact on the populations that have been impacted disproportionately here,” he said. … Read more here…

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MBTA Wrong to Hike Fares

Rafael Mares, CLF’s vice president and director of Healthy Communities and Environmental Justice, writes in his letter to the Boston Globe: “DANTE RAMOS’s March 1 Op-Ed, ‘MBTA fare hikes stink, but they’re needed,’ correctly describes the MBTA’s financial challenges. However, it misses crucial facts, which is understandable, considering the T’s misleading messaging about needing additional…