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Local Coalition Challenges MBTA Over Civil Rights Violation

“For thousands of people across Boston working double shifts at low-wage jobs, a late-night train or bus is the difference between earning a paycheck and coming up short,” said Rafael Mares, Vice President and Director of CLF’s Healthy Communities and Environmental Justice program. “When the MBTA eliminated this service, it did so without regard for the letter of the law or the livelihood of those who need it most. Now we have an opportunity to compel the MBTA to do what it should have done months ago – own up to its rash and reckless decision and consider sufficient and equitable alternatives.”

Kicking the Fossil Fuel Habit
by Sandy Levine

Bad or unhealthy habits are tough to break. And they are even harder to break when options to replace them seem beyond our reach, or just plain impractical. This is as true with fossil fuels as it is with sugar or cigarettes, or too much screen time. And, unfortunately, there are those who benefit from…

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A Long Way To Go For MBTA Board

… “While a lot is happening, it’s a mixed bag in terms of accomplishment,” said Rafael Mares, a vice president at the Conservation Law Foundation. “There’s still a lot of work to be done.” Still, Mares and other transit watchers say the board deserves more time to prove it can bring change to the 6,500-worker…

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Governor, Lawmakers In Dispute Over T Fare Increases

… But Rafael Mares, a senior vice president of the Conservation Law Foundation, said the governor’s change would take away the predictability that legislators want for riders. Under the Legislature’s language, riders would know to expect a hike no higher than 7 percent every two years. With the governor’s language, some commuters could see an…

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Consultant Stays On For End-To-End Review Of MBTA’s ‘Money Room’

… Although Rafael Mares, a transit advocate from the Conservation Law Foundation, said the audit “clearly identified some problems,” he said he hopes officials provide a more complete analysis before the T’s 
Fiscal Management and Control Board votes on whether to seek a private contractor. “I’ve just seen an analysis of the problem, but not…

Dig Deeper into Your Wallet to Ride the T Tomorrow
by Kathleen Nay

Starting tomorrow, MBTA users will be reaching deeper into their pockets to shell out for their daily rides. The greater expense may mean that some users choose to drive, while others will miss important appointments, school, or even work, because they are unable to afford the trip. CLF has opposed the steep fare hikes since…

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Get Ready To Pay More To Ride The T

… “If you increase the fares without improving the service, you’ll get fewer people using it,” said Rafael Mares, a senior vice president at the Conservation Law Foundation. Read more here…

Funding for Pioneer Valley Public Transit Improvements Restored
by Caroline Cox

On Monday, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Board of Directors took a major step in ensuring that millions of riders in the Pioneer Valley have a transit system that can meet their needs. In its announcement of adding $500 million to the state’s five-year capital investment plan, MassDOT righted its previous omission and included…