Mar 07, 2019

The Year Ahead in Washington: CLF’s Federal Ocean Policy Priorities

The 2018 midterms brought a Democratic majority to the House, giving us new and exciting opportunities for environmental legislation. This Congressional session, CLF’s Oceans team is focused on protecting special places in New England’s ocean, effectively addressing threats facing the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale, and promoting sustainable fisheries.

Jul 11, 2018

Time to Revamp New England’s Groundfish Monitoring Program

New England’s cod and other groundfish populations have plummeted to historic lows because of decades of overfishing. Our current system of monitoring isn’t bringing back accurate data, and a new amendment is an opportunity to improve it.

Jun 06, 2018

CLF Goes to Washington to Stand Up for Our Oceans

As the Trump administration continues its attack on our nation’s public lands and waters, it has never been more pressing to highlight the importance of a healthy ocean ecosystem. That is why CLF is heading to Washington, DC next week to participate in Capitol Hill Ocean Week.

May 02, 2018

Fisheries Managers Fail to Protect Our Ocean (Again)

After 14 years of development, a newly approved plan for managing New England’s fisheries should have prioritized protection of important ocean habitats and improved the long-term well-being of our fishing economy. Instead, in a short-sighted decision, fishery managers put fragile habitats and overfished species at even greater risk than they are today.

Kelp Forest and Red Cod
May 05, 2017

Facing Another Tough Season, New England’s Groundfishery Needs These Three Things

May’s arrival means that summer is finally close. In New England, there is no better time to enjoy a fresh, local seafood dinner than on a warm summer night. For many of us, that means serving up New England staples like haddock, cod, or flounder. These species aren’t only dinner staples, however. They also form… Continue reading Facing Another Tough Season, New England’s Groundfishery Needs These Three Things