Central Maine Power

The Fight for Solar in Maine Continues
by Sean Mahoney

In a stunning walk backwards, the Maine legislature failed again to override Governor LePage’s veto of legislation that would have supported solar progress in Maine. Passed in June, the bipartisan bill would have helped create stability in the state’s solar marketplace by ensuring that solar panel customers are fairly compensated for the power they produce…

Can a Portland Food Policy Council Help Lead New England’s Food System?
by Ben Tettlebaum

For the first time in Portland’s history candidates for mayor and city council gathered over the last two nights to discuss all things food. Why? Because food touches everyone. The food system is the path food travels from field to fork and back again into production. It is a cycle that encompasses critical social and environmental…

An Electricity Supply Tutorial And Maine’s New Green Power Option
by Beth Valentine

Mainers have recently been seeing and hearing advertisements for alternatives to the standard offer electricity supply that most residential customers receive through their transmission and distribution (T&D) utility. I’ve been ask numerous times to explain the meaning of these new alternatives. This post is written as a guide to that very question.