Jul 03, 2024

Railing Against the Wind

Local anti-wind citizens’ groups are using pro-environment rhetoric to turn public opinion against offshore wind, a tactic borrowed from fossil fuel companies.

Jun 05, 2024

Winds of Change

The Salem Harbor site where a coal-fired power plant once stood is slated to become a clean energy offshore wind port terminal in 2026, launching New England definitively into a clean energy future.

Rendering of the new Salem Wind Port in Salem, MA
Mar 18, 2024

The Truth About Carbon Footprints

The carbon footprint concept was a clever marketing tool used by fossil fuel companies to spread the blame on carbon pollution.

water droplet in the shape of a foot on a leaf
Mar 15, 2024

A Shell Game

CLF is suing Big Oil to protect communities from dangerous facilities.

Woman speaking into a microphone
Mar 13, 2024

The Power of Policy

CLF is creating climate policies that will dramatically cut carbon emissions, particularly in polluting sectors like transportation.

Cars crossing a highway bridge at night