Oct 30, 2023

CLF Report Examines Future of Bioenergy

“It’s critical that we separate fact from fiction when it comes to biofuels,” said Caitlin Peale Sloan, Vice President of CLF Massachusetts. “The fossil fuel industry is pushing solutions like renewable natural gas as a silver bullet to confront the climate crisis with little evidence. The truth is these fuels will still pollute our climate and our air, and they must be used only in limited cases.”

gas is an expensive, polluting fossil fuel
Oct 25, 2023

Mass. Climate Chief Issues Recommendations for Confronting Climate Crisis

Melissa Hoffer has released a report outlining recommendations for the Healey Administration’s agenda to tackle the climate crisis. Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) released the following statement in response.

“The climate crisis is impacting every community in Massachusetts, and we wasted valuable years under the prior administration waiting for firm commitments and real action on the ground,” said Caitlin Peale Sloan, Vice President of CLF Massachusetts. “The Climate Chief’s report underscores the vast challenges facing the Commonwealth in this fight as well as the opportunities for climate solutions that work for all our residents. It’s time to get to work.”

The Massachusetts State House
Oct 24, 2023

Maine Officials Support Clean Cars Rules

“Harmful emissions from fossil fuel-powered cars and trucks are driving the climate crisis and polluting the air we breathe,” said CLF senior attorney Emily Green. “The clean car standards will save lives and clean up our air. But our leaders need to go beyond the rule they’re considering and go all electric by 2035. And rejecting the clean trucks standards would be absolutely the wrong move. Our future health, air, and climate depend on us taking bold action today.” 

Electric vehicles are a critical part of our climate solutions.
Oct 20, 2023

Ruling Clears the Way for CLF Trial Against Shell

“Despite Shell’s many efforts to obstruct our case and avoid producing evidence, the court has recognized that this important case will now proceed to trial,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “The company’s inconsistent positions about climate risk and unlawful operation of its New Haven facility are putting families, businesses, and local waters in harm’s way. This decision brings us one step closer to protecting New Haven communities and the surrounding environment from Shell’s unlawful conduct.

New Haven harbor
Sep 15, 2023

New England’s Marine National Monument Turns 7 

“With our ocean in peril from the climate crisis, protected areas like the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts are more important than ever,” said Jen Felt, Ocean Campaign Director at CLF. “The monument is a biological hotspot that provides a refuge for a remarkable diversity of wildlife and has enormous scientific value. This natural treasure, provides resilience, refuge, and hope in a rapidly warming ocean, and it’s time to protect more areas just like it.”

Sep 13, 2023

Groups Form Plastic Free Mass

“It’s time to finally address the plastics crisis in Massachusetts. From modernizing our antiquated beverage container deposit system, to banning single-use plastic bags at checkout, to making producers of plastic packaging responsible for reducing packaging and managing plastic waste at its end of life, there are several pending bills that will take us in the right direction. We stand with our elected officials and pledge to keep up the momentum because there is no time to waste in taking a bite out of waste.”