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New England’s Big Pipeline Myth
by Greg Cunningham

For three years now, Big Gas has been spinning tall tales aimed at scaring you and me – and especially our local politicans – into locking in our addiction to dirty, polluting natural gas for decades to come. But their hype ignores the facts and the very real progress made over the past few years to avoid price spikes, keep the lights on, and tamp down our emissions of climate-damaging pollution.

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New Law Will Increase State’s Reliance On Renewable Energy

… Greg Cunningham — the energy and climate program director at the Conservation Law Foundation, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the state over its implementation of Global Warming Solutions Act — said in a statement that while the bill isn’t perfect, it’s a big step forward. “The forward-thinking diversity of resources advanced by this law, including offshore…

Leaving Money On the Table, Polluting For No Reason, the Case For Storing Energy
by Seth Kaplan

Our systems for creating, conveying and using energy are full of nooks, crannies, odd corners and unexpected cul-de-sacs. The wholesale electricity system that includes large generators and the wires and associated hardware that moves power to the local distribution system where energy is transmitted to homes, offices, factories, streetlights and your cell phone charger is…