Mar 11, 2020

Five Actions to Save Atlantic Cod

How do we save Atlantic cod? These five conservation and management measures could help New England’s founding fish recover from its current overfished status.

Atlantic cod
Jan 14, 2019

Environmental Groups Call on NOAA to Fix Failing Monitoring Program

“Too many of New England’s fisheries are still in crisis,” said Peter Shelley, senior counsel at Conservation Law Foundation. “Without knowing how many fish are actually being caught and being discarded at sea without being reported, the agencies are managing the fishery in the dark. This irresponsible management isn’t tolerated anywhere else in the country, and it’s unacceptable in New England as well.”

May 22, 2018

Fishery Managers Must Recognize Atlantic Herring’s Key Role in Ocean Health

Atlantic herring is the main source of food for larger fish, whales, and seabirds. However, New England fishery managers currently don’t take herring’s key role as a food source into account when determining how many herring fisherman can catch. Now, there’s a chance to improve how New England sets herring catch limits.