greenhouse gas

The Future of Energy Efficiency
by Sandy Levine

Energy efficiency continues to be our cleanest and lowest cost energy resource. But efficiency doesn’t just happen. At five community forums in Vermont over the next two weeks, folks can come for dinner and conversation and help guide Vermont’s efficiency efforts. The forums are FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and will be from 6…

As Plain as the Nose on Your Face: Major Clean Air Act Violations at Rhode Island’s Central Landfill
by Max Greene

For miles around Rhode Island’s Central Landfill, the air often smells like rotten eggs.  In the Landfill, garbage degrades and gives off a gas that is part hydrogen sulfide (which produces the rotten-egg smell), part volatile organic compounds (which can cause cancer), and part methane (a potent greenhouse gas).  At well-run landfills, collection systems capture…

Progress on the Road to a Regional Clean Fuels Standard
by Jenny Rushlow

New Englanders are driving and emitting more pollution every day. Emissions from New England’s transportation sector – the fastest growing emissions sector — produce about 40% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the region, more than half of which comes from passenger cars. This is a problem for New England’s people, environment and economy.…

Why Driving Less and Biking More Celebrates Earth Day Every Day
by John Kassel

Every year, environmentalists and the public alike celebrate Earth Day in late April. It is a day with a long, proud history – a day when, for a brief moment, we share our environmental concern with a broader public. But let’s be clear: one day is not enough. This year marks more than 40 years…

Speak Up: Participate in MBTA Public Meetings Schedules
by Rafael Mares

State law requires the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) to balance its budget. The transit authority is facing a budget gap of $161 million for FY2013. In an attempt to address this problem, the MBTA is currently proposing huge fare increases (35% or 43%) and draconian service cuts (including the elimination of 101 weekday bus routes and all commuter rail service after 10pm and on…

Activists block tar sands mining operation.
by Conservation Law Foundation

Pop quiz: Which country is the biggest exporter of oil to the United States? Venezuela? Mexico? Saudi Arabia? None of the above. The correct answer is America’s neighbor to the north, Canada. In a story that will almost certainly not make headlines in mainstream American news outlets, a group of activists blocked tar sands mining…

The latest scary climate science . . .
by Seth Kaplan

I always say that mantra number two for a climate advocate is “Yeah, we have to do that too.”  As in, “We need to be more efficient AND we need to build wind farms AND we need to build transmission lines to support the wind farms AND we need to build sidewalks and transit so…