Jul 09, 2020

Why Is It Harder for Some Communities to Access the Waterfront?

Communities of color and those with low incomes not only deserve to enjoy waterfront open spaces for recreation and exercise – it’s also their right by law. And yet, through neglect and outright refusal by corporate interests, too many do not have the chance to run, walk, or even stretch near the water. We can and must do better.

Riverfront Walkway at the Encore Casino
Jan 22, 2020

Looking Back: One Year After the Newport Gas Outage

Exactly a year ago, as families prepared for a brutal winter night, National Grid cut gas service to more than 7,000 customers on Aquidneck Island. With another New England winter upon us, it’s also worth noting that Rhode Island could avoid these types of emergencies entirely by switching from fossil fuels like gas to clean alternatives powered by solar and wind.

gas meters
Dec 29, 2017

Invenergy is a Zombie

Invenergy is a zombie. By “zombie,” I mean the company’s proposed fracked gas and diesel fuel power plant is as good as dead. Invenergy may not be aware yet that its plant is as good as dead – that’s why Invenergy is still walking around. But it is as good as dead. Two different sets… Continue reading Invenergy is a Zombie

Jul 10, 2017

Another Win for New England: Moving Beyond the Access Northeast Pipeline

At the end of June, Eversource and National Grid — two of New England’s biggest utilities — along with pipeline operator Enbridge, withdrew plans for a $3.2 billion natural gas pipeline known as Access Northeast. The companies have been pushing for this dirty fossil fuel pipeline for years, and wanted New England families and businesses… Continue reading Another Win for New England: Moving Beyond the Access Northeast Pipeline