May 09, 2019

Waterkeeper Launches a Busy Season to Protect the Great Bay-Piscataqua Estuary

As I prepare to launch CLF’s Waterkeeper boat this season, I’m reminded that the Great Bay–Piscataqua Estuary is at the heart of what makes the Seacoast region so special. But our estuary is at a tipping point, with too much nitrogen polluting the water. Learn how you can just us to fight for clean waterways on the Seacoast this summer.

Jan 10, 2019

CLF Case Against Wychmere Beach Club Allowed to Proceed

“Nitrogen pollution is destroying Cape Cod’s bays and beaches and damaging the Cape’s economy,” said Chris Kilian, Vice President of Strategic Litigation at CLF. “Illegal sewage discharge from Wychmere Beach Club is wreaking havoc on water quality.”

Aug 24, 2018

CLF Continues Fight for Clean Water on Cape Cod

“Nitrogen pollution is killing the Cape’s beautiful waterways,” said Christopher Kilian, Vice President of Strategic Litigation at CLF. “Fish kills, unpleasant odors and scum are becoming the norm, threatening to drive away the millions of tourists that flock to the area every year. These resorts should be leaders in protecting our precious waters, instead of flushing our health and our economy down the drain.”

Jul 26, 2018

Conservation Matters Summer 2018

The prosperity of future generations of New Englanders depends on the health of our waters and marine resources and the public’s ability to access them.

CLF Conservation Matters Summer 2018
Jun 22, 2018

Nitrogen Pollution is Killing Cape Cod’s Bays and Beaches

The Cape is facing a massive pollution problem because of nitrogen pollution from from septic and wastewater treatment systems. In an effort to curb this toxic pollution, CLF has announced our intention to sue the Wychmere Beach Club and Wequassett Resort and Golf Club for violating the Clean Water Act.

May 10, 2018

Nitrogen Denial in the Great Bay Estuary

The Great Bay-Piscataqua Estuary is an incredible place. It’s home to numerous fish and bird species and provides spectacular fishing, boating, and recreation for the people of New Hampshire, Maine, and beyond. But persistent high levels of nitrogen pollution have disrupted these waters, and while progress is being made, some municipal officials are fighting against the changes that can save Great Bay.

Photo: Great Bay Estuary | EcoPhotography
Jan 11, 2017

CLF Sues the Pease Development Authority to Clean Up Toxic Stormwater Pollution

CLF has filed a lawsuit against the redeveloper of the site of the Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for violating the Clean Water Act. Pollution from the site is fouling local waterways, including the Great Bay estuary, with numerous pollutants, including toxic chemicals of growing concern. From Air Force Base to a… Continue reading CLF Sues the Pease Development Authority to Clean Up Toxic Stormwater Pollution

Pease Development Authority