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Offshore Wind in the Gulf of Maine Back on Track
by Phelps Turner

Home to some of the world’s strongest offshore winds, the Gulf of Maine can play an essential role in helping meet New England’s climate goals. But the energy of those winds has yet to be harnessed. Over the last decade, progress on this front stalled due in large part to the anti-wind policies of former…

Full Speed Ahead for Offshore Wind in New England
by Megan Herzog

Today marks an incredible milestone for Massachusetts, and a monumental step forward toward a clean energy economy in New England. Massachusetts’ three biggest electric companies issued a ground-breaking request for bids for offshore wind energy. Wind developers will now compete to sell Massachusetts residents at least 400 megawatts (and up to a whopping 800 megawatts)…

A Danish Lesson for New England about the Power of Wind
by Seth Kaplan

There was a moment about ten years ago when the building of wind energy facilities, and in particular offshore wind farms, was just getting going in Europe and it appeared that the United States, and New England in particular, would not be far behind.  The Horns Rev project in Denmark was brand new and the…

Maine Offshore Wind: Statoil Public Meetings Scheduled
by Ivy Frignoca

This January, my colleague Sean Mahoney and I met with representatives of Statoil to discuss whether the international energy company – a leading operator of offshore oil and gas fields – might develop a floating wind turbine project, known as Hywind, off the Maine Coast. Ivy recently exchanged emails with Statoil representatives, who confirmed that they will proceed with the project.