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Stopping Big Oil

Grassroots organizing lead to a big win over Big Oil in Maine. And while the case continues, residents are not sitting idle.

Press Releases
The Right Whale Road Show makes its first stop

“Humans hold the cards to decide whether North Atlantic right whales rebuild to a sustainable population or go extinct,” said Emily Green, Senior Attorney at CLF. “Engaging a new generation of young advocates is critical to our shared fight for the protection of right whales and our oceans. We’re thrilled to share their artwork with communities across New England.”

Can a Portland Food Policy Council Help Lead New England’s Food System?
by Ben Tettlebaum

For the first time in Portland’s history candidates for mayor and city council gathered over the last two nights to discuss all things food. Why? Because food touches everyone. The food system is the path food travels from field to fork and back again into production. It is a cycle that encompasses critical social and environmental…

Farmers and Lawyers: A Match Made in Maine
by Ben Tettlebaum

Noah Fralich moved back home to Maine with one ambition: to open a business on his family’s land in New Gloucester. His fledgling cidery business was just getting off the ground when he hit a snag – the name of his business was already trademarked by someone else. Now, in the midst of trying to grow…

Food Safety Trivia: What Do Local Farms and Industrial Food Manufacturers Have in Common?
by Ben Tettlebaum

Answer:  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) threatens to treat both of them the same under its proposed food safety rules. The proposed regulations could force thousands of small farms across the country to comply with expensive and environmentally damaging standards meant for industrial-scale operations.  The rules could also ensnare flourishing urban farms and gardens…

Expanding Transit Options in a Rural State: An Update From Maine
by Malcolm Burson

  Let’s face it: population density is a critical factor in any decision to provide transit services. In CLF’s “northern tier” states, where dense populations are limited to a few metropolitan areas, transportation options like bus services  have been slow to develop, leaving people to drive. In asking for directions from one place to another,…

Generation to Generation; Crisis to Crisis
by John Kassel

Fifty years ago this week the world was gripped by the Cuban Missile Crisis, then unfolding. It was the low point, perhaps, of the cold war, a several-decade period in which hundreds of millions of people got used to the idea that absolute, global catastrophe could be just 20 minutes away.

Biking More, Driving Less, in Portland, Maine
by Sean Mahoney

I felt like thumping my chest last week after reading an article in the Portland Press Herald about the decline in the number of cars registered here in Portland and the increasing number of people who are getting to and from work by bus, bike or foot. Ours is a small office (4 full time…

Misplaced Priorities: Cars Trump Bikes in New Transportation Bill
by Brian Lessels

On the afternoon of July 6th, I rode my bike home from work through the streets of Portland, Maine, sharing the lane with car traffic. Parts of my commute could benefit from a bike lane or increased signage, but the prospects for those projects do not look good in the near term. Earlier that day,…