Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Carbon Pricing 101
by Samuel Niiro

With the Trump administration in denial about climate change, let alone the need for urgent climate action, it’s up to the states to take the lead on curbing carbon pollution. Here in New England, such leadership is nothing new. Massachusetts passed first-of-its-kind legislation to limit emissions back in 2008 and all six New England states…

RGGI Reform: How Strengthening RGGI’s Cap Will Help Battle Climate Change
by Phelps Turner

As the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) approaches its seventh anniversary, the program’s nine participating northeastern states – which includes all of New England – are conducting a periodic review of the program to assess its successes and impacts, as well as what, if any, modifications to implement. RGGI’s successes to date have been impressive. According…

Regional Greenhouse Gas program is a win for the economy and environment – so let’s do more!
by Seth Kaplan

A study released today documents the powerful benefits of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) – the nation-leading effort by Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants while building up energy efficiency and clean energy efforts in the states. The study found that RGGI created $1.6 Billion in net economic…