right whales

An Illustrated History of North Atlantic Right Whales
by Ashira Morris

North Atlantic right whales could be extinct by 2040 if we don’t act quickly. Once a common target for whalers, the population now faces new and increasing threats from ship strikes and fishing gear. We need all hands on deck to save our right whales.

Canada is Taking Action to Save North Atlantic Right Whales
by Erica Fuller

Last year, 17 North Atlantic right whales died, leaving the remaining population of less than 450 precariously close to extinction. Twelve of the deaths last year occurred in Canadian waters. Certain folks in the U.S. pointed their fingers at our northern neighbors saying that efforts here are pointless unless Canada makes necessary changes, but Canada is taking action – and they’re doing it much faster than we are.

Faces of Ocean Planning | Richard Delaney: ‘Research in action’ helps drive ocean management
by Amanda Yanchury

Welcome to Faces of Ocean Planning, where we’ll take you behind the scenes to feature people and organizations who use the ocean in a variety of ways and are engaged in the Northeast Regional Ocean Plan process.  Rich Delaney knows that in order to protect coastal environments, marine mammals, and ecosystems, you must first understand them:…

Doing Right by Right Whales with a Significant Offshore Wind Energy Development Agreement
by Tricia Jedele

CLF has been a longtime champion of renewable energy done right. To this end, we have been working with Deepwater Wind to ensure that the offshore wind project, Deepwater One, proposed for federal waters in Rhode Island Sound moves forward expeditiously, but also in a way that is protective of important habitat areas, avoids user…

Celebrating World Oceans Day the New England Way
by Priscilla Brooks

There has never been a better time to care about the ocean than now. The ocean provides us with so many things – half of the air we breathe, an amazing variety of things to eat, a place of beauty and refuge and sometimes fury. This year the New England coast line was pummeled by…

Going Above and Beyond: Deepwater Wind Adjusts Offshore Wind Construction Schedule to Protect Right Whales
by Maggie Williams

Deepwater Wind is taking exciting new steps to build on last month’s historic agreement to protect critically endangered right whales while developing offshore wind projects. The offshore wind developer, expected to begin construction on the proposed Block Island Wind Farm in 2014 or 2015, has announced an agreement to voluntarily adjust its planned construction period…

Waves of Change: Regional Ocean Planning Works for Ships and Whales
by Robin Just

Shipping lanes in and around San Francisco Bay are being changed to protect the many whales that feed in its krill-rich waters. Blue whales, fin whales, and humpbacks will all benefit from the changes. This action took two years of collaboration, data-sharing, and negotiating among the shipping industry, government agencies, and environmental groups. This, in…

Whales, oil spills and whose fault is it in the end?
by Seth Kaplan

Understandably, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (which seems to be the first oil spill to have a Facebook page) has been the subject of intense interest on this blog (repeatedly), in New Orleans (which incredibly finds itself in the cross-hairs of ANOTHER disaster) and in nearby Florida, where brilliant and…