Mar 11, 2020

Will New Hampshire Be A Dumping Ground for the Region? (Not If We Can Stop It)

We all know the trash we throw away is a disaster for our environment and communities. From landfills growing into mountains of waste to incinerators spewing toxic pollutants to the pollution of our water and air (including climate-damaging emissions) – the impacts of waste disposal are not only disturbing, but they’re also avoidable. For decades… Continue reading Will New Hampshire Be A Dumping Ground for the Region? (Not If We Can Stop It)

2018 Press Conference to stop Bethlehem Landfill expansion
Aug 08, 2018

Eight Dangerous Landfills Expanding in New England

CLF’s Zero Waste program has identified eight New England landfills that want dangerous expansions, a surefire way to increase the pollution they emit into the air, soil, and water. We’re working to stop them from expanding.

Landfill in Saugus, MA
Jul 12, 2018

CLF Appeals Turnkey Landfill Expansion

“We need to reduce our waste instead of looking for more places to bury it,” said Tom Irwin, Vice President and Director of CLF New Hampshire. “Waste Management is dumping about a million and a half tons of waste per year into the Turnkey landfill, putting nearby communities and waterways at risk. It’s time for the state to stop undermining waste reduction efforts by expanding landfills and instead focus on zero waste strategies that treat waste as a resource.”

Mar 27, 2018

Residents Reject Expansion of Bethlehem Landfill

Local residents have defeated ballot questions aimed at allowing Casella Waste Systems to expand the Bethlehem Landfill. Now CLF and Toxics Action Center have announced a lawsuit to hold the landfill operator accountable for water pollution into the Ammonoosuc River.

Feb 14, 2018

Expanding New England’s Largest Landfill is a Terrible Idea

Waste Management wants to expand its Turnkey landfill in Rochester, New Hampshire. Expanding what is already our region’s largest landfill would put communities and our environment at risk – and undermine efforts to reduce waste in the first place.