Climate Activism Toolkit

The climate crisis we face can feel overwhelming. And while sometimes it feels like there’s no way to escape the impacts we face, climate solutions do exist. When we work together to support these solutions, our collective efforts can make a huge difference in preventing climate change from getting worse. Use this toolkit to take action.



Black fist raised in air

Learn why equity is central to building a thriving New England for everyone.

Protest sign that says "System change not climate change"

Climate change is a global phenomenon, with local solutions. Here’s how.

Girl standing next to solar panel

New England is too dependent on fracked gas to power our homes. It’s time to ditch this polluting fossil fuel.


wind turbine in ocean

Call your elected officials – urge them to follow through on climate action today.

Protest sign that says "Listen to our voices"

Sign up to get action alerts in your inbox so you can take action when it matters most.

Autumn leaves in Vermont

Prioritizing the environment when you vote is key to safeguarding a healthy future for New England.