Apr 10, 2024

Maine Legislature Passes Bill to Address Community Concerns in Dangerous Landfill Expansion 

“We can’t let polluters trample on the public’s right to oppose projects that put their health and environment at risk,” said CLF attorney Nora Bosworth. “This law ensures communities get a chance to make their voices heard and places critical safeguards around Casella’s dangerous plans to expand this landfill. Preventing these forever chemicals from continuing to poison the Penobscot River means protecting a water source sacred to the culture and livelihood of the Penobscot Nation.” 

Maine Statehouse.
Apr 02, 2024

Conservation Groups Decry Yet Another Preventable Right Whale Death

“How many more right whales need to die before we stop the carnage?” said Erica Fuller, senior counsel at the Conservation Law Foundation. “We have a solution — a seasonal 10 knot vessel speed restriction. Yet the Biden administration continues to condone policies that are driving the species toward extinction.”

Right whale mother swimming after a small calf
Mar 28, 2024

MBTA Approves Reduced Fare Program for Low-Income Riders

“None of this would be possible without the tireless advocacy from MBTA riders who have called out to make fares more affordable for years,” said CLF Transportation Attorney Seth Gadbois. “The reduced-fare program sets us up on the right track to ensure no rider is forced to miss the next stop in their journey. But we must continue to push to make this program even stronger in the long run.”

Photo of MBTA fare machine and customer tapping card on sensor to purchase additional fare. Under new reduced fare program, eligible customers will qualify for a discount of half or more.
Mar 27, 2024

Last Coal Power Plants In New England Will Close

“The end of coal in New Hampshire, and for the New England region as a whole, is now certain and in sight,” said Tom Irwin, Vice President Conservation Law Foundation in New Hampshire. “Now we must vigorously push for the phaseout of other polluting fuels like oil and gas. New England is positioned to be a leader in building a future where our energy comes from 100% clean sources, and fossil fuels no longer pollute the climate and threaten the health of our communities.”

An angled, overhead view of the Merrimack coal station.
Mar 06, 2024

Maine Legislature Passes Food Scrap Ban 

“Methane pollution is over 80 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide in driving the climate crisis,” said Nora Bosworth, Zero Waste attorney at CLF. “The main culprit of this pollution is decomposing food scraps in landfills, and this bill offers a logical solution to this problem. It’s time for Maine to catch up with the rest of New England and embrace a better solution for our food waste.”

pile of food waste
Mar 01, 2024

Biden Nominates Three New Candidates for Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 

“Judy Chang’s nomination sends a strong signal that the White House is committed to sound energy policy, a just transition to clean energy, and openness to reforms that would make FERC a full partner in protecting both the environment and the economy in the energy transition now underway,” said Brad Campbell, President of Conservation Law Foundation. “Regardless of who is appointed, we will be at the table urging the Commission to stop the unrelenting expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure that FERC historically has encouraged.”

At an angle facing upwards, against a blue sky, are two electricity transmission towers.