Zero Waste Activism Toolkit

The way we deal with trash poisons people. Landfills and incinerators harm our health and environment – but they’re not our only option. Zero Waste means changing our laws, policies, and practices for the health of our communities. Use this toolkit to take action for zero waste.



Pollution doesn’t affect everyone equally. Read about the disparate health impacts of our trash problem.

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Read our top 10 tips for going low-waste in your own life.


Shut down dangerous landfills and incinerators. Tweet your governor.

Call your reps and ask them to pass zero waste legislation in your state.

Call your city or town manager to ask them to enact zero waste programs.


Support low-waste businesses and change your lifestyle.

Call on businesses to move towards zero waste practices.

Look into composting at home or at work to cut down on your own waste.