Conservation Law Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees and advised by a Board of Overseers. The Board of Trustees manages the affairs of CLF and is considered as having the power of “directors” in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 180 and applicable provisions of Chapter 156B of the General Laws of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Trustees meet eight times a year and are elected by the Board of Overseers to three-year terms.

The Board of Overseers meets twice a year, during which time they advise the staff and Trustees on matters of policies or programs affecting CLF. They are eligible to serve for three-year terms.

Board of Trustees

  • Sara Molyneaux, Chair
  • David W. Ellis, Ph.D., Vice Chair
  • Gordon Hall III, Vice Chair
  • Peter Nessen, Vice Chair
  • Andy Falender, Treasurer
  • Thaleia T. Schlesinger, Clerk
  • Daniel Amory, Esq.
  • M. Robin Barone, Esq.
  • Alice Chamberlin
  • Eugene H. Clapp
  • Douglas I. Foy, Esq.
  • John T. Goodhue
  • Whitney Hatch
  • Dr. Thea James
  • EkOngKar Singh Khalsa
  • Kate Kilguss, Esq.
  • Paul Lee
  • Sharon Malt
  • Travis McCready
  • Lois Schiffer
  • Bradley Campbell, President

Trustee Emeriti

  • Don Comb, Ph.D.
  • Veronica Eady
  • John Teal, Ph.D.
  • Richard Lisle
  • Paula W. Gold, Esq.
  • Michael B. Moskow
  • Stuart V. Smith, Jr.

Board of Overseers

  • Sara Molyneaux, Chair
  • Philip W. Conkling
  • Jenny Y. du Pont
  • Robert H. Gardiner, Jr.
  • John T. Goodhue
  • Horace A. Hildreth, Jr., Esq.
  • Jacquie L. Kay
  • Maximilian W. Kempner, Esq.
  • Edward H. Ladd
  • Sharon Malt
  • Karena A. McKinney
  • Michael B. Moskow
  • Peggy B. Sharpe
  • Benjamin B. Taylor
  • Alan Wilson, Esq.

CLF Ventures Board

  • Eugene H. Clapp, Chair
  • Peter Nessen, Vice Chair
  • Eugene Bernat
  • Andy Falender
  • Paula W. Gold, Esq.
  • John T. Goodhue
  • Gordon Hall III
  • Jacquie L. Kay
  • Sara Molyneaux
  • Michael B. Moskow
  • Brad Campbell, President
  • William Coleman, Senior Vice President, CLFV
  • Virginia Foote, Director, Fund Development, CLFV
  • Sean Mahoney, Executive Vice President, CLF

CLF State Advisory Boards

Advocacy Center Advisory Committees, known as “State Advisory Boards,” are appointed in each of the five states where CLF has an Advocacy Center to provide advice and other guidance to the Board of Trustees and CLF staff of such offices with respect to CLF’s cases and other activities in that state.

Maine State Board

  • Brigitte L. Kingsbury, Chair
  • DeWitt John, Vice Chair
  • Daniel Amory, Esq.
  • Philip W. Conkling
  • Philip B. Coupe
  • Elizabeth Ehrenfeld
  • Gordon Hall III
  • Anne Hayden
  • Michael Herz
  • Daniel Hildreth
  • Lucia P.A. Kearns
  • Carleton Davis Pike

Massachusetts State Board

  • Whitney Hatch, Chair
  • John Aubrey
  • Andrew Baute
  • Christopher Cabot, Esq.
  • Madeline Fraser Cook
  • John K. Graham, Esq.
  • Susan Klem
  • Sharmila Murthy
  • Jan A. Pechenik, Ph.D.
  • Thaleia T. Schlesinger
  • Chi Ho Sham, Ph.D.
  • Peter C. Westover

New Hampshire State Board

  • Robert King, Chair
  • Julie Dunfey, Vice Chair
  • Scott Brown
  • Alice Chamberlin
  • Ann Hackl
  • Harold W. Janeway
  • Britt Lundgren
  • Stuart V. Smith, Jr.
  • Scott Wakeman
  • Janet Ward

Rhode Island State Board

  • Kate Kilguss, Esq., Chair
  • Richard W. Lisle, Vice Chair
  • Cynthia Burns
  • Trudy Coxe
  • Louise Durfee, Esq. (Emerita)
  • Thomas P. I. Goddard
  • Margaret Kerr
  • Robert Leeson, Jr.
  • William S. Mott
  • Peggy B. Sharpe
  • Judith Taft
  • Dr. Peter G. Trafton
  • Benjamin V. White, III, Esq.

Vermont State Board

  • Crea Lintilhac, Chair
  • M. Robin Barone, Esq.
  • Patrick Berry
  • Jay Diaz, Esq.
  • Charlotte Metcalf
  • Elizabeth Miller, Esq.
  • Janet E. Milne, Esq.
  • Jim Murphy, Esq.
  • Beth Montuori Rowles
  • Ann Seibert