Alex Linkow

Senior Associate, Impact Investment CLF Massachusetts

Alex Linkow is the Senior Associate of Impact Investment at Conservation Law Foundation. In this role, Alex works with the CLF Ventures team and its partners to grow thriving New England communities by developing and deploying market-based solutions to address the region’s social and environmental challenges, with a specific focus on creating impact investment approaches.

Prior to joining CLF, Alex managed Fair Food Network’s Fair Food Fund, which provides financing and business assistance to good food enterprises growing community health and wealth in the Northeastern US. Since 2013, the Fair Food Fund has provided over $3.7 million of financing and business assistance to more than eighty good food enterprises across nine states. With support from the Fair Food Fund, these enterprises have supported more than 1300 farms, created over 155 jobs, and purchased nearly $28 million of local food. From 2008 to 2011, as a graduate student in the University of Michigan’s Erb Institute MBA/MS program, Alex focused on sustainable food systems, social entrepreneurship, and marketing strategy. Before joining the Erb program, he spent four years managing marketing communications at Clivus Multrum, a leading manufacturer of composting toilet systems based in Lawrence, MA.

Alex also serves on the Advisory Board of Fresh Food Generation, a Dorchester, MA-based catering, café, and food truck business serving delicious locally sourced food and improving healthy food access in Greater Boston. In his free time, Alex can often be found in the backyard grilling, talking with his wife, and trying to keep up with their two young children.

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