Elena Mihaly

Vice President and Director, CLF Vermont CLF Vermont @ElenaMihaly

Elena is the Vice President and Director of CLF Vermont.

She focuses on developing and implementing law and policy solutions to protect public health, hold polluters accountable, fight climate change, enhance community climate preparedness, and ensure all communities have equal access to a clean and healthy environment.

Elena has been with CLF since 2013, first as a Legal Fellow and then as a Staff Attorney and a Senior Attorney before stepping into her current role as Vice President and Director of CLF Vermont in 2021. Elena is admitted to practice in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. She holds a J.D. and Masters in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School, and a B.A. in Environmental Science from Colorado College.

When she’s not fulfilling her CLF duties, Elena is managing her 120-acre farm and forest property in Norwich, Vermont, or exploring the natural world through climbing, skiing, or trail running with her husband, son, and cattle dog.

Recent Posts

Vermont Farmers Want to Get Clean Water Right – Here’s What’s Getting in the Way
Over the last several years, Vermont’s farmers have made tremendous progress in cutting dangerous phosphorus pollution from their properties. Their efforts are critical to clean water in Vermont because that pollution causes toxic algae outbreaks that harm our waterways and threaten our health. But a longstanding turf war between two state agencies puts that progress…
UPDATE: Dangerous Heat Waves Demand Immediate Climate Action
UPDATE: Vermont is once again caught in the midst of a blinding heatwave. Our state has never been this hot for this long in June – and it’s not letting up. From Maine to the Arctic Circle and around the globe, regions that typically don’t experience this type of heat are breaking temperature records.  Like…
Is Toxic Landfill Wastewater Coming to a Stream or Farm Near You?
The owners of the Coventry landfill are champing at the bit to supersize Vermont’s only active disposal site. But state regulators are holding out on approving one last permit needed for the expansion. This is because Casella has not yet addressed how it will safely dispose of one of the landfill’s most toxin-laden byproducts: leachate.…
New Stormwater Regulations Could Clean Up Vermont’s Waters
Pollution from stormwater runoff is one of the biggest threats to clean water in New England. A new statewide rule could clean up Vermont’s waters by improving how we handle stormwater. Stormwater runoff happens when rain falls on pavement rather than soil. Instead of being absorbed into the ground, it gains speed as it runs off, resulting…


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