Erica Fuller

Senior Attorney CLF Massachusetts

Erica Fuller is a Senior Attorney in our Oceans program. Erica joins CLF after eight years at Earthjustice, where her work focused on protecting ocean ecosystems and rebuilding depleted forage and groundfish populations.

Erica holds a J.D from the University of Maine and a B.A. in Forestry and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Georgia. Prior to attending law school, Erica owned and operated an equine veterinary practice in the Metrowest Boston Area for 20 years. During law school she earned the Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Award in Environmental Law and was recognized for her pro bono work for the Conservation Law Foundation as the principal author of the petition to list the Atlantic wolffish under the Endangered Species Act.

Erica lives in Ipswich, Massachusetts with her husband and three children and serves on the Board of Directors for the Ipswich River Watershed Association.

Recent Posts

Progress on the Road to Ropeless Fishing Gear
Anyone who has spent time on the ocean in New England has seen the brightly colored buoys bobbing on the surface. These buoys mark the location of lobster traps on the seafloor. More than three million of those traps are spread throughout our regional waters. Unfortunately, the ropes (also known as vertical lines) connecting these…
UPDATE: The Government is Failing Right Whales. Our Lawsuit is Fighting Back.
UPDATE: The federal government must implement new rules to protect endangered North Atlantic right whales from entanglement in dangerous lobster fishing lines by May 31, 2021 after a federal judge ruled on the second phase of our lawsuit. This second ruling follows the judge’s April decision that determined the National Marine Fisheries Service violated the…
Update: Ensuring a Future for Atlantic Herring
UPDATE: Our federal fishery managers at NOAA Fisheries approved Amendment 8. This important management update is a win for Atlantic herring and ocean health. It will create better management for herring by setting catch limits that account for herring’s role in the ecosystem and creating a buffer zone that prevents large boats from fishing close…
A Victory for North Atlantic Right Whales
In a major win for endangered North Atlantic right whales, a federal judge ruled that gillnet fishing gear must be removed from 3,000 nautical miles of ocean waters in southern New England. CLF sued the federal government last year for opening up two areas south and east of Nantucket to expanded fishing without considering harm…
The Road to Ropeless Fishing Gear
Off the rocky coastline of Maine is an expanse of brightly colored lobster buoys. The buoys – which mark where potentially millions of traps are dropped along the 3,000-mile coast – are an iconic image, bobbing along with the shifting tides. But lobsters aren’t the only living icon in Maine’s waters: The North Atlantic right…


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