John Krentzman

Information Technology Manager | CLF Massachusetts | He/Him

John Krentzman

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CLF Massachusetts
62 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02110-1016
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John joins CLF coming off a decade’s long stint working at Managed Service Providers. During that time, John honed his skills and merged superior customer service with IT infrastructure management. He is excited to join the CLF team and support those who are defending the environment.

John happened to luck into having fledgling personal computers in the house in the early eighties—think programs on cassette tape! Technology has remained an avocation for John and been part of his vocation for most of his adult life. He did stray in his twenties, including when he worked on a tourist schooner in Key West!

John grew up in the Greater Boston area, spent many summers on the Maine coast, and went to college in New Hampshire, so New England is very much in his soul. He met his wife in Washington, DC, and was glad when she moved back to the Greater Boston area, where she is also from. They lived in Jamaica Plain for eight years before moving to MetroWest Boston.

When not working (or somewhat obsessively checking the energy production from the solar panels on his roof), John enjoys family life with his wife and two young boys, trying to get outside for a run, hiking, bike riding (road and mountain), getting unwanted items out of the house to ensure they find the best next home possible, and spending time with friends.