May 03, 2023

Turning Climate Laws into Action

“Goals and promises are meaningless without real action on the ground,” said Caitlin Peale Sloan, Vice President of CLF Massachusetts. “The previous administration took little actual action to meet the goals laid out in Massachusetts’ strong climate laws, we now have an opportunity to do better. If we want to leave a healthy future for the next generation, it’s time to ditch fossil fuels and electrify everything from transportation to home heating, and these petitions lay out steps Massachusetts must take to get us there.”

Massachusetts State House
Apr 12, 2023

5 Things To Do On Earth Day

Earth Day is almost here! It’s our moment to honor our planet by taking concrete action to preserve the environment and fight climate change. After all, as the saying goes, there’s no Planet B.   So, this year, let’s celebrate Earth Day by pairing our small local efforts with BIG collective actions that can really… Continue reading 5 Things To Do On Earth Day

Apr 12, 2023

EPA to Announce New Limits on Polluting Tailpipe Emissions

“Once again the Biden Administration is trying to cover its ongoing support for fossil fuels with half measures on climate,” said CLF Senior Vice President of Law and Policy Kate Sinding Daly. “The new standards fall short of President Biden’s stated ambitions and those of major auto manufacturers to convert 100% of the cars sold in the U.S. to electric by 2035. The pollution rules announced today simply won’t get us there, so we’ll continue to push states and the federal government to adopt California’s much stricter emissions regulations.”

Electric vehicles are a critical part of our climate solutions.
Dec 14, 2022

Victory: Vermont Agency Adopts Rules for more Electric, Pollution-Free Vehicles

As I’m writing this, in the beginning of December, I can’t help but think about how mild Vermont’s weather is right now. We’ve got some rain, small flurries, and chilly temperatures, sure – but nothing like the December snow I remember even just a few years ago. My kids and I could count on great… Continue reading Victory: Vermont Agency Adopts Rules for more Electric, Pollution-Free Vehicles

Two diagonal rows of electric busses from an aerial view.