Dec 04, 2023

About Fresh Secures Nearly $1 Million from Healthy Retail and Commerce Fund

“Low-income neighborhoods have lacked access to critical resources like healthy food for decades, and About Fresh aims to change that,” said Gina Foote, CLF’s Director of Impact Investment. “Supporting this small business with an innovative high impact investment has the potential to build a healthy community. We’re proud to support a thriving small business like About Fresh trying to improve their neighborhood.”

A green bus with the words Fresh Truck and images of healthy food on the side is shown
Sep 13, 2023

The Power of Social Investment

In the world of investing, real-world outcomes are often neatly severed from investment strategy. Return on investment, rates, and yields are guiding principles that supersede seemingly idealistic notions of community-building and the environment. But a more thoughtful and creative investment approach has taken root over the past decade. That approach recognizes that the savviest long-term… Continue reading The Power of Social Investment

building in Boston's Roxbury neighborhood
Apr 08, 2022

Community Servings

Learn how CLF’s Healthy Retail and Commerce Fund helped support Community Servings and the impact they expect to see on community, health and the environment.

Apr 08, 2022

Stop and Compare

Find out how CLF’s Healthy Retail and Commerce Fund helped Stop and Compare, a Latinx, family-owned supermarket business that offers high quality and diverse foods at affordable prices.