Feb 14, 2024

CLF Settlement to Fund Thompson Island Outward Bound Project

“Thompson Island Outward Bound’s programs are indispensable in providing inclusive access to the beauty of Boston Harbor to an expanding number of Boston residents,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “I am grateful to Cronin Holdings for working with TIOB and CLF to identify this worthy project to increase public access for everyone in the region – and ultimately expand access to people with disabilities — to one of Boston’s greatest resources, our waterfront.”  

Sailboats on Boston Harbor
Aug 17, 2023

Recreational Boating on Boston Harbor: An Assessment of Chapter 91 Compliance

The Massachusetts Public Waterfront Act guarantees public access to the land around Boston’s waterfront and other waterways across the state. One way it does this is by requiring anyone building along the waterfront to get a “Chapter 91” license, which includes any actions the developer must take to make the site more welcoming to the… Continue reading Recreational Boating on Boston Harbor: An Assessment of Chapter 91 Compliance

Report: Recreational Boating on Boston Harbor
Jul 12, 2022

MA Supreme Judicial Court Rules for CLF in Municipal Harbor Plan Case

“As we’ve been saying for years, the state’s MHP process is fundamentally flawed,” said Deanna Moran, Interim Vice President of Healthy and Resilient Communities at CLF. “The developer-driven Downtown MHP would have resulted in less public access to one of the city’s greatest treasures – Boston Harbor. Today’s ruling makes it clear that it’s time to center waterfront planning on public access and community input, not developer profits.”

May 19, 2022

Calculating the Value: Development vs. Waterfront Access

“The public has a right to know how much value developers are truly gaining when they depart from waterfront rules,” said Deanna Moran, CLF Director of Environmental Planning. “This calculator allows us to put a dollar value on the replacement public benefits offered by developers for the first time. This increased transparency will allow residents and regulators alike to better evaluate new waterfront projects and understand the tradeoffs at play.”  

Nov 23, 2021

MA Supreme Judicial Court Takes Up Downtown Harbor Plan Case

“The public’s right to access the waterfront has been guaranteed for generations, and we must fight any attempts by unauthorized state officials to undermine it,” said Peter Shelley, Senior Counsel at CLF. “The politicized, developer-driven process that led to Boston’s harbor plan was fundamentally flawed. The lower court was correct to conclude that the state agencies did not have the authority to approve it. We’re confident the justices will uphold that decision to send Boston’s unlawful plan back to the drawing board.”

Sep 24, 2021

6 Picks for a Perfect Fall Picnic on Boston Harbor

You can help reclaim our waterfront public spaces simply by getting out and using them. And what better way to do that than a picnic packed with your favorite pumpkin-spiced treats shared with friends and family?

Waterfront Park, Boston Seaport