CLF Settlement to Fund Thompson Island Outward Bound Project

$500,000 will help support the rehabilitation of the center’s dock on Boston’s waterfront

Sailboats on Boston Harbor

February 14, 2024 (BOSTON, MA) – Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) and Cronin Holdings LP have directed $500,000 towards the complete rehabilitation of a dock essential to Thompson Island Outward Bound (TIOB) programs. The funds are from a 2018 agreement between CLF and Cronin Holdings to satisfy public trust obligations under the Commonwealth’s waterfront rules arising from Cronin’s development of 150 Seaport Boulevard.  

“Thompson Island Outward Bound’s programs are indispensable in providing inclusive access to the beauty of Boston Harbor to an expanding number of Boston residents,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “I am grateful to Cronin Holdings for working with TIOB and CLF to identify this worthy project to increase public access for everyone in the region – and ultimately expand access to people with disabilities — to one of Boston’s greatest resources, our waterfront.”  

Recently, Thompson Island Outward Bound announced it is transitioning to Cathleen Stone Island Outward Bound.

“At this pivotal time for our organization, we are embarking on an ambitious strategic plan to provide transformative educational experiences to more students from underserved neighborhoods across Boston,” said Sylvia Watts McKinney, CEO and President. “These strategic initiatives will pave the way for a diverse range of innovative educational programs that center workforce development and climate resiliency. The rehabilitation of our dock, made possible through partnerships with organizations such as CLF and the Cronin Group, strengthens our capacity to meet the growing demand for our programs. Together with our partners, we are not only enabling more individuals to experience the beauty of the islands but also fostering a brighter future for generations to come.”

TIOB’s programs provide waterfront access and programming to youth from Boston, but funds have been needed to rehabilitate the landing point TIOB uses in South Boston, which is also open to the general public, and ultimately improve access to persons with disabilities. The $500,000 contribution will help TIOB leverage additional resources and accelerate progress towards its goals.

“Working in close partnership with CLF and TIOB, we are excited to contribute $500,000.00 to the rehabilitation of a dock that is crucial to TIOB’s operations and programming,” said Jon Cronin, Principal of the Cronin Group. “This investment will increase the general public’s waterfront access in Boston, but we are most excited about the expanded access that it provides to members of the Disabilities community and the students from Boston Public Schools (BPS) who are served by TIOB’s thoughtful programs. The newly refurbished dock will be the conduit to horizons, yet unrealized, for some members of the Disability and BPS Communities who are Boston residents but have never been out on a boat or on Boston Harbor – without question one of Boston’s Crown Jewels – or who may have never even seen Boston Harbor. My colleagues at Cronin Holdings and I could not be prouder of our role in the TIOB Dock Rebuild. For this opportunity, we want to thank CLF and TIOB, as well as current and future Dock users.”

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