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Massachusetts is a state of extraordinary range – from our miles of coastline to the western mountains, our dense hardwood forests to our working farms, our thickly settled city neighborhoods to our rural village greens.

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People & Communities

What does it take for a community to thrive? It starts with clean air and clean water and access to good jobs, education, and health care. It also takes safe and affordable transportation choices, local green spaces, and easy access to fresh, healthy food.

Show Up and Speak Out on MBTA Fare Hikes
by Rafael Mares

In December, CLF members joined more than 2,400 concerned MBTA riders from across Massachusetts in calling on Governor Charlie Baker to maintain current services and keep fare increases affordable on the state’s beleaguered transit system. Unfortunately, the Governor’s Fiscal and Management Control Board has yet to catch on to what the riding public wants. Instead, on…

How NOT to Fix the MBTA: Governor Baker’s Reform Bill
by Rafael Mares

Last week, I testified before the Massachusetts State Legislature’s Joint Committee on Transportation. I was there, along with hundreds of other people, including Governor Baker himself, to comment on the Governor’s proposed MBTA reform bill, which would put the beleaguered transit system under the authority of a fiscal control board, among other reforms. Governor Baker…

Conservation Matters Articles
Funding on the Move
by Laurie O'Reilly

Cars, trucks, and buses are the largest and fastest-growing contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, states are struggling to maintain public transit infrastructure, highways, and bridges in the face of scant funding and skyrocketing costs. These problems, though far-reaching, have solutions, though finding them will take investment, political will, and tenacity.

Transportation for Massachusetts Coalition Releases Progress Report on Transportation Finance Act of 2013
by Rafael Mares

A new report released today by Transportation for Massachusetts and co-authored by CLF Staff Attorney Rafael Mares evaluates the implementation of the Transportation Finance Act of 2013 since its passage last July. The report is the first in a series of planned progress reports aimed at ensuring the new law’s success at addressing the most…

MBTA Buses Narrowly Avoid Getting Thrown Under the Bus
by Rafael Mares

When the draft five-year Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Capital Investment Plan (CIP) came out on January 9, 2014, it was natural to look for what was missing. After all, the Transportation Finance Act of 2013 provided an average of $600 million per year to fill a state-wide transportation funding gap of at least $1…