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EPA Video Highlights Long Creek Restoration Project in Maine

Ivy Frignoca

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a new video telling the story of the restoration of Maine’s Long Creek, which winds through South Portland’s busy Maine Mall area and empties into Casco Bay.

Before CLF took action seven years ago, polluted stormwater would drain off of the Maine Mall area’s many paved surfaces – like parking lots and flat roofs – and flow into Long Creek, killing aquatic life. In 2008, CLF petitioned EPA and asked it to issue a permit requiring area businesses to clean up the pollution. EPA issued the permit, and since then landowners, municipalities, and other stakeholders have worked together to form the Long Creek Restoration Partnership. Under the permit, property owners have completed a number of restoration projects, including repaving an area of roadway with porous material to allow rainwater to filter through the earth and planting buffers between parking lots and streams. Recently, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection reissued the General Permit. Read about the Long Creek Restoration Project and about CLF’s work on Long Creek, and watch the video below to see how a polluted creek can be restored and the surrounding area beautified.

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