Dec 06, 2023

Exxon settles suit with Conservation Law Foundation over Everett site

The 100-acre ExxonMobil tank farm in Everett will not be allowed to store fuel anymore as a result of a settlement agreement between the company and the Conservation Law Foundation. “This is a facility where ExxonMobil, which has known through work by its own scientists about the risks of extreme weather to their facilities, has done nothing to prepare for extreme storms,” said foundation President Brad Campbell.

Dec 05, 2023

CLF Settles Landmark Climate Lawsuit Against Exxon

“We welcome ExxonMobil’s decision to resolve this litigation, make the facility closure permanent, and market the site for cleaner and safer uses,” said CLF President Brad Campbell. In settling the case, CLF has obtained an enforceable prohibition on the property ever being used for polluting bulk fossil fuel storage. 

An aerial view of Exxon's tank farm in Everett, MA showing white fuel storage tanks near the waters of Boston Harbor
Dec 01, 2023

Governor Healey Releases Climate Report Card

“Governor Healey’s commitment to transparency around the state’s climate goals is a much-needed change of pace from the previous administration,” said Caitlin Peale Sloan, Vice President of CLF Massachusetts. “The data shows that we are clearly missing the mark in some critical areas, and it’s so important that we do not leave frontline communities behind in this process. The report card is a good baseline, but it’s time to put in place some new regulations to get us where we need to go on slashing emissions and preparing our communities.”

The front of the Massachusetts State House, with the gold dome visible in front of blue sky
Nov 30, 2023

CLF Prevails Again Over Dirty Biomass Plant

“It is unconscionable that anyone would build such a dirty power plant right across the street from a residential neighborhood,” said CLF attorney Johannes Epke. “Inefficient biomass plants like the one proposed here don’t make sense anywhere in 2023, and especially not in a community in Springfield already overburdened by air pollution. Burning wood for electricity worsens asthma and other respiratory conditions and sets us back in reaching mandatory climate goals, and the court made the right decision.”

Community members holding a banner reading "Welcome to Springfield the Asthma Capital of the USA" to oppose a proposed biomass plant.
Nov 03, 2023

Shell Continues to Hide Climate Evidence

“While Shell tries every trick in the book to avoid coming clean about its involvement in the climate crisis, our community is in danger” said Darrèll Brown, Vice President of CLF Rhode Island. “The evidence we have seen shows that the company has left this facility woefully unprepared for extreme weather. Major risks exist now and they’re only going to get worse as the oceans rise and storms intensify.”

Photos turned over by Shell show its facility flooding during a December 2022 storm.