Apr 11, 2024

How to Plan a Community Cleanup to Make It Count

Organizing a trash cleanup will only make a tiny dent in all the plastic we toss, but it’s still a great opportunity to care for the environment, get some steps in, and connect with friends and neighbors. They also highlight the detrimental effects that plastic has on our planet! Here’s a guide to plan yours.

Sunny beach day. A person wearing white gloves picks up empty plastic bottles from the sand and puts them inside a black plastic bag as part of a community cleanup. Cleanups like this help document the impact of plastic litter on our environment.
Apr 10, 2024

Maine Legislature Passes Bill to Address Community Concerns in Dangerous Landfill Expansion 

“We can’t let polluters trample on the public’s right to oppose projects that put their health and environment at risk,” said CLF attorney Nora Bosworth. “This law ensures communities get a chance to make their voices heard and places critical safeguards around Casella’s dangerous plans to expand this landfill. Preventing these forever chemicals from continuing to poison the Penobscot River means protecting a water source sacred to the culture and livelihood of the Penobscot Nation.” 

Maine Statehouse.
Mar 28, 2024

MBTA Approves Reduced Fare Program for Low-Income Riders

“None of this would be possible without the tireless advocacy from MBTA riders who have called out to make fares more affordable for years,” said CLF Transportation Attorney Seth Gadbois. “The reduced-fare program sets us up on the right track to ensure no rider is forced to miss the next stop in their journey. But we must continue to push to make this program even stronger in the long run.”

Photo of MBTA fare machine and customer tapping card on sensor to purchase additional fare. Under new reduced fare program, eligible customers will qualify for a discount of half or more.
Mar 06, 2024

Maine Legislature Passes Food Scrap Ban 

“Methane pollution is over 80 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide in driving the climate crisis,” said Nora Bosworth, Zero Waste attorney at CLF. “The main culprit of this pollution is decomposing food scraps in landfills, and this bill offers a logical solution to this problem. It’s time for Maine to catch up with the rest of New England and embrace a better solution for our food waste.”

pile of food waste
Feb 16, 2024

Advanced Recycling Bill Passes Maine Legislature

“Advanced recycling is nothing more than a flashy PR campaign from the plastic industry,” said Nora Bosworth, Zero Waste Attorney at CLF. “These facilities pollute communities and perpetuate environmental racism. This commonsense bill will ensure that any advanced recycling facility is subject to Maine state regulations, and Governor Mills should sign it into law.”

pile of trash
Feb 12, 2024

Vermont Bottle Bill: An Urgent Makeover Is Overdue 

When Vermont first passed its bottle bill back in 1973, the program was a revolutionary tool to slash litter and boost recycling rates. Today, the program covers less than half of the drinks on store shelves. It’s time for an update

Point of view photo from inside of reverse vending machine used to return empty containers that participate in bottle bill programs.