Feb 02, 2023

Getting Serious About Climate Resiliency

Climate disruption is forcing us to regularly grapple with extreme weather. That’s why we need to act now on climate resiliency measures to ensure that our communities can cope with not only the climate impacts here today but with those yet to come.

Man wading through flooded water in Boston highlights need for climate resiliency measures
Feb 01, 2023

The Truth About Electric Stoves  

The gas industry is trying to convince us that electric stoves are inferior to gas stoves. But we’ve got the facts that make electric stoves sizzle with potential.

Hand turning on an electric burner
Jan 30, 2023

Black Lives Matter

All of us at CLF are reeling from and sharing in the national outrage over the murders and persecution of black people perpetrated and condoned by the police and other state actors. Racial justice is at the heart of climate justice, and we fight for both.

Dec 29, 2022

5 Questions for Shannon Laun

Shannon Laun oversees CLF’s newly opened Connecticut office, making headway on the state’s biggest environmental challenges.

Shannon Laun
Dec 20, 2022

Nora Bosworth

Nora Bosworth is a Staff Attorney for CLF’s Zero Waste Project. In this role, she works to advance CLF’s Zero Waste advocacy, litigation, and legislative work in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  Prior to joining CLF, Nora devoted her legal skills to defending and advocating for undocumented youth as an attorney at Esperanza Immigrant Rights… Continue reading Nora Bosworth

Nora Bosworth
Dec 19, 2022

CLF, GreenRoots Appeal Irresponsible East Boston Substation Decision

Supreme Judicial Court of a recent state decision that would allow a proposed electrical substation in East Boston to bypass an important permitting process. After hours of community testimony in opposition, the Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board decided to fast-track the project in a vote on November 29.

“How many times does the community have to say no to this facility while decision-makers fail to listen?” said Staci Rubin, Vice President of Environmental Justice at CLF. “At every turn, the state has ignored laws governing community input and alternative location of these types of facilities. East Boston does not need yet another environmental burden, and we will continue challenging this substation until the end.”

The waterfront site near the dangerous electric substation proposed by Eversource in the Eagle Hill community in East Boston.