Jul 22, 2024

5 Questions for Marina Vaz

Passion for fashion and ready to take action! Meet Marina Vaz, CLF’s environmental justice community advocate, and learn about her vision for the future of Nashua.

Headshot of Marina Vaz, CLF's environmental justice advocate in Nashua, NH.
Jul 22, 2024

Boston Cyclists Deserve Better

Biking and the infrastructure to support it should be an integral part of Boston’s climate and transit vision. They should go hand in hand with reducing carbon pollution and increasing transit equity.

A woman bikes in a bike lane in Boston
Jul 19, 2024

Guest Blog: Mardi Fuller’s Top Picks for Swimming in New England

Climate change is making New England’s summers hotter and heat waves longer. But finding a swimming hole to cool off isn’t easy for everyone. We asked Mardi Fuller about accessible and equitable access to swimming spots and about her top picks for beaches and lakes across the region. Mardi advocates for racial equity through writing,… Continue reading Guest Blog: Mardi Fuller’s Top Picks for Swimming in New England

Three women walk together along a beach
Jul 18, 2024

Beach Cleanups: Why Do They Matter and How to Make Yours Count 

New Englanders love a perfect beach day. But the trash that lines our coast from Connecticut to Maine is less than perfect. By pitching in to do a beach cleanup, beach lovers can make a significant difference in preserving our region’s natural beauty. Check out these tips to keep your favorite beach crystal clean.

Photo of beachfront and ocean with litter and other ocean trash. Photo taken prior to a beach cleanup.
Jul 09, 2024

Company Scraps Plan for Nashua Asphalt Plant

During public hearings, CLF argued the legal reasons why the proposed asphalt plant should be denied and when Newport appealed its rejection in court, CLF moved to continue fighting against the plant.

Nashua, New Hampshire City Hall
Jun 28, 2024

Supreme Court Rules in Chevron Doctrine Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has overturned 40 years of precedent and practice comprising the “Chevron doctrine,” under which federal courts defer to an agency’s interpretation of ambiguous legal terms when Congress has given that agency authority to implement the law.

view of facade of Supreme Court building
Jun 25, 2024

3 Reasons New Hampshire Needs a Bottle Bill  

Thanks to bottle bills, many New England states have increased recycling rates and now rank among the top states in the country. New Hampshire still lacks a bottle bill. Learn why that matters.

Photo of an empty plastic bottle being tossed into a plastic bag. The image is taken from inside the plastic bag, and one can see the outline of a hand tossing the bottle. Behind, a bright sunset shines through the litter.