June 12, 2024

Four Wonders I Saw at Cashes Ledge

by Gareth Lawson

Cashes Ledge is an underwater mountain range that nurtures a multitude of species, many of them vulnerable to human impacts as well as climate change.

Fish swimming amid kelp at Cashes Ledge
June 7, 2024

Let’s Clean Up Our Plastics Problem

Individuals alone can’t stem the tide of plastic overtaking the country. We need collective action and societal resolve.

A pile of colorful plastic tupperware containers on a shelf.
June 6, 2024

Five Things to Know About Neonics and Bees

by Pam Reynolds

Neonicotinoids are pushed on farmers as a pesticide. But “neonics” are also eaten by animals and humans. They soak into our soil and leach into our groundwater and are linked with neurological ham in humans.

native bees and pollinators
May 28, 2024

What are Wetlands? Why Should We Care?

by Pam Reynolds

Wetlands are a critical piece of our ecosystem that must be protected.

Wetlands in Newburyport, Massachusetts
May 14, 2024

Monitoring Rights Whales Can Help Protect Them, But Only a New Vessel Speed Rule Will Save Them 

by Sarah White

Tracking and monitoring North Atlantic right whales can help scientists protect them, but stronger policies are needed.

Three right whales
May 13, 2024

The Truth About Air Pollution and Climate Change

by Pam Reynolds

Air pollution across the United States is getting worse. Why? Because of our planet’s warming atmosphere.

Air pollution over a city view
May 2, 2024

Spring Resolutions for Climate at CLF 

by Greg Cunningham

CLF is resolving to continue fighting for urgent climate action to move New England towards a clean energy future.

An early morning view of the Baldpates as seen from Maine Route 26 north of Grafton Notch in Grafton Township, Maine.
May 1, 2024

Phil Coupe’s Sunny View on Clean Energy

by Pam Reynolds

For the past 20 years, Phil Coupe has worked in clean energy. He’s witnessed technologies that once seemed like a sci-fi plot twist—electric planes and solar-powered steel plants—move from fantastical ideas to reality. And the irony, says Coupe, is that many of us aren’t even aware of it. That’s why Coupe, co-founder of ReVision Energy,… Continue reading Phil Coupe’s Sunny View on Clean Energy

Photo of Phil Coupe, white male, standing before a home.
April 30, 2024

Tackling The World’s Plastics Problem

The world produces 400 million metric tons of plastic waste each year. A global plastics treaty attempts to solve this problem.

trash can filled with plastic waste
April 26, 2024

We Can Develop Offshore Wind Sustainably in the Gulf of Maine 

by Sarah White

CLF is fighting to ensure vital offshore wind projects in the Gulf of Maine are responsible and equitable.

Wind turbine on the water