January 25, 2018

How Do Solar Panels Work?

by Bethany Kwoka

At the most basic level, solar panels take light from the sun and turn it into electricity that you can use to power your stuff, from the small (your phone) to the large (your home or your business).

January 16, 2018

How to Save Energy (and Money!) During a Cold Snap

by Bethany Kwoka

New England was recently blasted by an early winter storm. It was called a “bomb cyclone” and a “snow hurricane,” and for a while we all tried to huddle inside and stay warm. While temperatures have now risen back to a balmy 60 degrees, we know it won’t stay that way. So when the temperature… Continue reading How to Save Energy (and Money!) During a Cold Snap

January 10, 2018

Progress on Lead Poisoning Bill, But Last Push Needed

by Tom Irwin

We’re in the home stretch of our work to strengthen New Hampshire’s lead laws to better protect kids from the preventable tragedy of childhood lead poisoning. But we need a final push to state Senators to see the bill through to the Governor’s desk.

New Hampshire State House. C. Hanchey via CC 2.0
January 9, 2018

Massachusetts Hits the Accelerator on Clean Transportation

by Megan Herzog

Massachusetts has long been a leader in promoting clean, climate-friendly electric cars and trucks. And now, the Commonwealth is taking another leap forward in ending our reliance on gas- and diesel-powered vehicles. A recent order from the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities gives the green light to Eversource, the region’s largest energy company, to invest… Continue reading Massachusetts Hits the Accelerator on Clean Transportation

Electric vehicles are a critical part of our climate solutions.
January 8, 2018

Let’s Learn from the Seaport’s Mistakes, Not Repeat Them

by Deanna Moran

Boston’s newest neighborhood, the Seaport District, has drawn recent criticism for its high-priced housing and amenities, exclusivity, and lack of diversity. What started out as an incredibly rare chance for Boston to redevelop nearly 1,000 acres of city land is now largely considered a major missed opportunity. Given the billions of dollars of public investment… Continue reading Let’s Learn from the Seaport’s Mistakes, Not Repeat Them

Boston's Seaport District – EcoPhotography
January 4, 2018

A Vision of Farm Ownership

by Brian Fink

This blog is part of our occasional series on young farmers in Connecticut. Before starting Full Heart Farm in Ledyard, Connecticut, Allyson Angelini knew exactly what she wanted: to live on her own farm that could provide a community-supported agriculture program to nearby residents. Yet like so many young Connecticut farmers, realizing this vision proved… Continue reading A Vision of Farm Ownership

January 4, 2018

Creating Healthy, Thriving Neighborhoods in Massachusetts

by Deanna Moran

We need more, better, and equitable housing choices, more vibrant, walkable downtowns, and healthy communities that protect us from climate change. We need development rules for a new generation. The Great Neighborhoods bill is a major step in the right direction.

January 4, 2018

Not on Our Watch: Protecting New England’s Ocean from Offshore Drilling

by Priscilla Brooks

[Update: On Jan. 4, 2018, the Trump administration announced a new five-year plan that would open up most U.S. continental shelf waters, including protected areas of the Arctic and the Atlantic, to oil and gas drilling. CLF joined 63 other groups in opposing this plan. Read the full joint statement here.] Over the past year, we’ve… Continue reading Not on Our Watch: Protecting New England’s Ocean from Offshore Drilling

Northeast Ocean Plan
January 3, 2018

The Dangers and Costs of Childhood Lead Poisoning in Maine

by Phelps Turner

Lead poisoning threatens the most vulnerable members of our communities – our children – but it imposes tragically high costs on everyone.

December 29, 2017

Invenergy is a Zombie

by Jerry Elmer

Invenergy is a zombie. By “zombie,” I mean the company’s proposed fracked gas and diesel fuel power plant is as good as dead. Invenergy may not be aware yet that its plant is as good as dead – that’s why Invenergy is still walking around. But it is as good as dead. Two different sets… Continue reading Invenergy is a Zombie